Documentary: Shadows of Liberty, Free Screening @Yale on 3/7/14

I learned via my Facebook stream yesterday that a free screening of the documentary film, Shadows of Liberty at Yale University, happens tomorrow March 6th at 7 p.m. The event takes place at Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University, 53 Wall St New Haven, CT. You can RSVP for the event here.

Shadows of Liberty reveals the extraordinary truth behind the news media: censorship, cover‐ups and corporate control. Filmmaker Jean-Philippe Tremblay takes an intrepid journey through the darker corridors of the American media landscape, where global conglomerates call the shots. For decades, their overwhelming influence has distorted news journalism and compromised its values.

In highly revealing stories, renowned journalists, activists and academics give insider accounts of a broken media system. Controversial news reports are suppressed, people are censored for speaking out, and lives are shattered as the arena for public expression is turned into a private profit zone.  Tracing the story of media manipulation through the years, Shadows of Liberty poses a crucial question: why have we let a handful of powerful corporations write the news?

Shadows of Liberty echoes my sentiments about how controlled and manipulated the media is today. My intellect tells me how “afraid” and “powerless” the American media outlets have become. Granted we want to read, view and interpret “responsible journalism” but there are very few brave journalism sources willing to take the risks and that we can trust anymore.

It stands to reason that News, Inc. and the Rupert Murdoch media empire are featured in this film. Fox News is “blatant” with their rhetoric and programming.

I hope this documentary reveals more of the scope of the problem and what the alternatives are to the media that fails us as an information source.


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International Festival of Arts and Ideas 2012 – New Haven, Ct.

We love our role as patrons of the arts. It is vibrant and exciting for us to live in-between New York City and New Haven, Connecticut. The arts experiences at our disposal are monumental, ever expressive and continually innovative.

One such arts festival is the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, a 15 day event held every summer at various event locations in and around New Haven. This year marks the 17th annual event.


I was pleased to receive an invitation by e-mail today to attend the Festival 2012 Season Announcement & Member Preview Party to be held Tuesday, March 27th at The Study at Yale, 1157 Chapel StreetThis is a very distinct honor that has been extended to us. We will be in the vanguard of early patrons to learn all about the 2012 season schedule. We will be some of the first people allowed to purchase tickets to various events on sale that evening.

Here’s to a great International Festival of Arts and Ideas 2012 in historic New Haven, Connecticut.

International Festival of Arts & Ideas