Elliott Randall – Virtual Memory

I am excited to share that Elliot Randall‘s new CD, Virtual Memory is available for purchase.

If you are not familiar with Elliott Randall you should be.

I first saw Elliott Randall with Randall’s Island ¬†in 1971 when they were the opening act for John Mayall‘s band (USA Union vintage). I dug Randall’s Island and loved when Elliott Randall came back out to play “Reelin In The Years” with Mayall ūüėČ

Elliott Randall is a¬†consummate¬†guitar perfectionist evidenced well by his latest recording which marks his 50th year of his¬†‚Äúlife in the music business‚ÄĚ.

The tracks are uniquely diverse yet weave a cohesive blend for the attentive listener. The wide spectrum of genres recorded will appeal to the subtlest of music tastes.

You’ll marvel at the guest stars who play with Elliott, beginning with Mick Abrahams whose work I have always admired from Jethro Tull and Blodwyn Pig (Dear Jill). This YouTube video of Elliott and Mick will give you some flavor ūüėČ


Guitars: Elliott Randall,¬†Mick Abrahams, Steve Donnelly, Tommy Emmerton; Piano/Keyboards:¬†Paul Griffin, Wayne Brown,¬†Paul Shaffer,¬†Pete Murray, Eric Johnson; Drums: Allen Herman,¬†Jamie Oldaker, Andy Treacey; Bass:¬†Mo Foster, Andy Pask, Chris Bishop, “Level” Neville Malcolm; Woodwinds: Paul Fleisher,¬†Sam Rivers, Frank Walden, Marty Kersich, Trumpet & Flugelhorn: Martin Shaw,¬†Al Chez; Trombone: Kevin Osborne; Vibraphone: Hugh Wilkinson

SoundCloud Definitive Sample

Don “Sugarcane” Harris’s Vintage Era

Cover of "Usa Union"
Cover of Usa Union

I was listening to John Mayall‘s USA Union (1970) recording this afternoon. What really caught my ear was the stellar performance of Don “Sugarcane” Harris on electric violin.¬†¬†USA Union was a continuation of¬†¬†John Mayall’s ¬†musical jazz/blues period which featured “no drums” that began with¬†The Turning Point (Live -1969) and Empty Rooms (Studio – 1970).

John Mayall’s USA Union band consisted of:

John Mayall – Electric guitar, keyboards, harmonica and vocals

Harvey Mandel – Electric guitar

Larry “The Mole” Taylor – ¬†Acoustic and electric bass

and¬†Don “Sugarcane” Harris – Electric violin

Sugarcane Harris was in high demand from 1969 – 1971, his vintage years. Frank Zappa was a major fan of the American rock duo¬†Don and Dewey so he recruited Sugarcane for his jazz avant-garde recording, Hot Rats. Frank Zappa continued to use Sugarcane on Burnt Weenie Sandwich, Weasels Ripped My Flesh, and Chunga’s Revenge.