Cease Fire – Thurston Moore

Guns are designed to kill and we, as non-violent human beings, are against the killing of any person or animal. The song is also about the power of love, in all its freedom of choice. A power that no gun can extinguish as love will rule always. Melt down your guns and kiss your neighbor.” Thurston Moore

Fire Music – Definitive History of the Free Jazz Revolution

My personal thanks to  Matthew Durston of StompBeast for the heads up last week about a visionary documentary, FIRE Music which encapsulates the history of the free jazz idiom.

FIRE Music is a feature-length documentary film now in production that tells the definitive history of the Free Jazz revolution. Directed by Tom Surgal and produced by Dan Braun with Executive Producers Thurston Moore and Nels Cline.

What a great field of study and exploration to immerse oneself within. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this documentary.

If you believe as strongly as I do that the free jazz story be communicated perhaps you’d like to support this film project. Here is the link for the Kickstarter campaign that is readying to launch soon. I plan to support FIRE Music.

Music Journalism A-Z – Will Hermes

Will Hermes

Will Hermes is a senior critic for Rolling Stone. He is also a longtime contributor to NPR’sAll Things Considered“.

He shares several common identities established by other music journalists in this series. Those personas  include his status with Rolling Stone Magazine, appearing in the New York Times Music section and being twice published in the Da Capo Press Best Music Writing Series (2006 and 2007). Oh and let me not forget he signed his book (see below) for me at the Pop Conference 2012 at NYU last year.

I am especially enamored with what he has accomplished with the music book he wrote that was published in 2011. It has a special place in the music of our heart because my son who lives in New York City gave it to me as a 60th birthday present.

Love Goes To Buildings On Fire: Five Years in New York That Changed Music Forever was selected as the top music book of 2011 by NPR,[4] and it was an Editor’s Choice title in The New York Times Book Review, which called it a “prodigious work of contemporary music history.”[5]

Will Hermes maintains a blog that serves as a multimedia extension of  this popular hardcover/softcopy title. I’ve  always want more content in association with the original work so this publishing solution solves that dilemma. 😉

Writing this blog post about Will Hermes has given me the opportunity to study what he has written about of late.

There were two discoveries that I made that are taking me along the path of further listening and meaningful interpretation. That is what I really like when I read Will Hermes. he opens avenues of understanding as he increases my musical consciousness.

The first revelation is what Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) is up to lately. I learned that he has a new band Chelsea Light Moving with an LP/CD digital full length recording and tour planned for March/April, 2013.

The second revelation is on the world music scale. Will Hermes wrote an album review of Brazilian artist Marcos Valle‘s recording Previsão Do Tempo (RS). He compliments that with a column on NPR’s All Things Considered that goes into more depth about Marcos Valle’s four album reissue series.

Cover of "Previsao Do Tempo"
Cover of Previsao Do Tempo

So very quickly I have two new vibrant music inputs. Gotta love what Will Hermes hears and shares with us.

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