The Lumineers Second Album – Cleopatra

I applaud The Lumineers for taking their time to produce their second album, Cleopatra. 



I absolutely love their debut album, The Lumineers. I reach for it often and it never fails to enchant me.

I am eager to own and play Cleopatra when it drops on April 8th. Until that time I’ll have to satisfy my curiosity with the teaser track, “Ophelia” 😉

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards – Best New Artist, Must See Performances

Every year I look forward to the annual Grammy Awards celebration on the CBS Television Network. It is an opportunity to witness unique music performances and collaborations offered nowhere else. It is a must see broadcast as a music journalist and a lifelong music consumer.

The Best New Artist Award category poses a tough choice in 2013. My head tells me that Frank Ocean is the odds on favorite to receive this award. Frank Ocean had a phenomenal year in music. His début studio recording Channel Orange was chosen as the top recording of 2012 in many Top 10 reader and critic polls. There is typically a correlation between year end music poll and Grammy Award winners.

The music of our heart says something different in me about Best New Artist. The Lumineers are my sentimental favorite to win this year. It helps that I have seen The Lumineers perform live just as their star began to burn brightly. The Lumineers continued their ascension as they carried out an extensive global tour. The Lumineers are more than a “one-hit wonder” with the song, “Ho Hey”. Their début album is repeat play and balanced. If they don’t win the Best New Artist award they are also nominated for the Best Americana album which is more likely with the rise of roots music.

The must see performances I want to witness are dedicated to two musicians who died in 2012. There will be all-star tributes to Levon Helm and Dave Brubeck from fellow musicians who want to share their love for these two musical giants. I miss them both terribly and share in the adoration that will be shown for the music legacies they leave us all.

The Lumineers Is Our Favorite Album of 2012

I first read about the Lumineers in a New York Times column about the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas this past March. It is an event as a music journalist I long to attend.

The Lumineers, from Colorado, balance the plaintive with the foot-stomping. Wesley Schultz sings in a high tenor about love, time and disillusionment, at once wistful and hard-headed. But while he philosophizes, the band, including a cello, backs him with the enthusiasm of buskers, keeping the songs grounded. During the set I saw, it made a point of going out into the club to belt one song unplugged and got the room singing along. – Jon ParelesBands, Bands, Bands

I looked them up on the Internet, wondering what their music sounded like and if they had any tour dates in our market. Sure enough The Lumineers were booked to appear at StageOne in Fairfield, Ct. on April 19th. The ticket price was $12 which I saw as reasonable and a great music value.

I’m so glad we went to see them as they were just beginning to ascend. Their stage presence and musicianship was infectious. We became instant fans. They made us feel like members of their family. I bought their CD that night and we’ve played it ever since 🙂

On Record Store Day this past month I made a point to find The Lumineers Winter EP. I’m dying to open and play it (I usually keep all my record store day vinyl purchases sealed as a collector.)

Here is a video of The Lumineers performing “Ain’t Nobody’s Problem” a song on that EP.


Record Store Day Black Friday – Shopping Etc.

I have bought records since 1962 when I was 10. My first record purchase was a 45 single, “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers. I bought that single at the record department at the 5&10 downtown Norwalk, Ct. The H.L. Green 5&10 record department was a mixture of 45 r.p.m. and vinyl records.

I have built a large music collection since then…

Roll ahead now 50 years to Record Store Day, Black Friday 2012. My son and I headed out together as we love to support the record stores and Record Store Day. Today’s shopping excursion consisted of two participating stores.

1) Exile on Main Street, 267 E. Main Street, Branford, Ct.

The pickings were slim there. I picked up the 7″ split single, “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley on the Legacy label.

I also bought The Lumineers, Winter EP, a 10″ vinyl recording. We love The Lumineers since we saw them in concert this past April 🙂

Lumineers BF Front

2) Redscroll Records, 24 North Colony Street, Wallingford, Ct.