Amazon Original – Long Strange Trip, Act IV: Who’s In Charge Here?

Jerry wants the Grateful Dead to have no leader, no rules… and no purpose. Trouble ensues.

Grateful Dead Meet-Up At The Movies 2015

This is how we do it 😉

grateful dead meet-up

Fathom Events and Rhino Entertainment are thrilled to bring legendary rock band, the Grateful Dead, back to the big screen for the fifth annual Meet-Up at the Movies on Monday, May 4th at 7:00 p.m. (local time).

This year’s can’t-miss Meet-Up features the previously unreleased last-ever Grateful Dead show at Alpine Valley on July 19, 1989. Recorded from the analog master multi-camera video from the famous concert venue in East Troy, Wisconsin, this exclusive cinema event captures the peak of the band’s energy and chemistry on stage and features favorites including Sugaree, Box Of Rain, Terrapin Station, Morning Dew, and more!

Join your friends and fellow fans for this Grateful gathering in cinemas Monday, May 4 only.

Rock Music Photographers A-Z, Jay Blakesberg

One of the hippest rock music photographers on the scene is Jay Blakesberg. I like Jay’s fluid sense of articulation with jam band artists.

I especially enjoy how he photographs Carlos Santana. I was first drawn to Jay’s photography as a Santana fan. I kept seeing Jay’s work in Santana tour programs. Jay’s camaraderie with Carlos Santana is evident throughout his portfolio.

Copyright Jay Blakesberg

I also love Jay’s photographic work with the Grateful Dead.

Jay Blakesberg attends many music concerts and festivals. He is a consummate live music fan like myself. He embodies the music scene with a freshness which breathes special life into his photographs.

A part of me lives vicariously in San Francisco. Jay brings that music world to me in vivid and exciting ways.

Copyright Jay Blakesberg

Rock Music Photographers A-Z, Robert Altman

Robert Altman begins my series about rock music photographers from A-Z. The criteria used to decide what photographers will be featured in this series was based upon several factors.

1) Counter culture influence

2) Keen eye for unique and historical perspectives

3) Photographs images that instill inspiration and/or raise consciousness

4) Creates indelible photographs that become etched upon our hearts, minds and souls

I’m proud to start with Robert Altman’s work. As a long time reader of Rolling Stone Magazine, Robert’s images have created beautiful sensations for me as a rock music fan.

Quoting Ben Fong-Torres (courtesy of The Morrison Hotel Gallery).

“What is it about photographers that makes them almost invariably shy? Robert Altman is so self-effacing about his work, that he’s called on me to draw him out I’m happy to do so. I worked with Robert at Rolling Stone in 1970. Robert was a member of one of the publication’s first groups of brilliant photographers, coming in between Baron Wolman and Annie Leibovitz-two other shy types. (Maybe that’s why they’re behind the camera.)”

Robert Altman is a friend on Facebook. I like what he posts and when our thoughts share common points of view.

I love his book, The Sixties. I don’t own a copy yet but its on my amazon wish list 😉 When my wife and I were in Seattle in 2009 we saw the Summer of Love display in the Seattle Macy’s window one morning and it was warmly captivating.

These are three of my favorite photographs by Robert Altman.

© Robert Altman, 1969
© Robert Altman, 1970
© Robert Altman, 1969
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