Oh Happy Day! Spotify and The Echo Nest Become One

Spotify made a friendly, strategic acquisition of their long time music intelligence metabase partner, The Echo Nest. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic to see these two music platform technology companies working more harmoniously to further their common music vision.

The collective intelligence of The EchoNest combined with the discovery of Spotify looms significant for music listeners, record companies, and artists. TechCrunch sees this partnership as creating a “Facebook Connect for Music”. This will be accomplished with The Echo Nest API remaining in place and continuing to serve the need of developers and music companies who use it such as XBox Music, rdio, MOG (BeatsMusic) to name just a few.

Spotify seeks to be the music identity provider across the web and mobile the way Facebook has become a social identity provider.

Spotify and The Echo Nest have a long, mutually beneficial history together. Back in March 2012, the two integrated their APIs so that any Spotify app developer could tap into The Echo Nest’s music intelligence technology. In March 2013, Microsoft, Spotify, and The Echo Nest joined forces to create Mixshape, a visual tool that automatically sorts playlists based on the properties and moods of individual songs.

What excites me the most about this closer development synergy is how Spotify will evolve and ratchet up another layer or two. Music hacking thrives with increased dimensionality now that Spotify and The Echo Nest are one entity.

Jim Lucchese says The Echo Nest and Spotify both have “music hacker cultures. We move quickly. Our goal is to start pushing things that will have a real impact on the [Spotify] user experience as soon as possible. I think probably in the next three months you’ll start seeing things in Spotify based on what we did here today that will have a big impact on music fans.”

Improvements to Spotify’s radio algorithm, discovery suggestions, and more could come even sooner, Daniel Ek says. “I expect to see things that touch consumers really, really fast. You’ll start noticing improvements pretty much instantly.”

I expect further analysis and commentary as the industry processes this announcement. Man do I love this deal and what it will bring us all.

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The Echo Nest – The Intelligent Music Metabase Architecture

The Echo Nest continues to enhance its leadership role as the open music metabase architecture. The software engineering team is total genius. I urge you to read their latest blog post, The Future of Music Genres Is Here. Everything you thought you understood about genres of music will be blown away as you take the jump to light speed.

I have developed an appreciation for music subgenres (e.g. Main genre:Blues, subgenre: Blues Rock, Country Blues, Rhythm & Blues)  the past couple of years. Now I am able to explore and listen to 800+ music genres.

The Echo Nest approach to genres is trend-aware because their intelligent music metabase listens, analyzes, then delineates the granularity of the genre/subgenre being heard.

This is superior to the static hierarchical metabase that Gracenote supplies. I am very curious to test beatsMUSIC next week to see if they hitched their wagon to Gracenote or The Echo Nest metabase. Gracenote will make their cloud music solution “closed and fixed” vs. “open and dynamic” as The Echo Nest allows.

To get a better “visual interactive” feel for the Open Genre API Methods try playing with this “proof of concept” demonstration. I almost want to call it Mother Popcorn a.l.a. James Brown ;). Try it and you’ll see why I am thinking like that…

1) Music Popcorn

Building A More Perfect Musical Brain – The Echo Nest

I continually emphasize my passionate technology interest in what The Echo Nest is accomplishing as this amazingly deft music cloud back-end. The more I discover and interpret what they are building, the more enthusiastic I get about the future evolution of music.

Just after I wrote about “The Echo Nest Moves Beyond Music Discovery” on July 16, I saw that Rolling Stone Magazine covered the significance that the $17 million funding The Echo Nest acquired is channeling into “Fanalytics,” the feature that will connect matching users who share similar musical tastes and listening patterns. It makes logical sense that Rolling Stone Magazine reported on this story since RS was involved with the launch of Spotify’s Music Application Platform . Rolling Stone Recomends is their Spotify App.

Rolling Stone Reccomends

The co-founders of The Echo Nest, Tristan Jehan (CTO) and Brian Whitman (CTO) were the in-studio guests on Boston Public Radio recently. The interview that Edgar B. Herwick III conducted with them provides valuable insight into their analysis and scientific methods. They are modest about what they are doing. They readily admit that 15 years into their project they are only beginning to develop the analytics, the semaphores for how to harness the music cloud we all interact with in the music of our heart.

I am fascinated to learn as much as I can about with where music and technology are converging. We have entered the age of Web 3.0, the Semantic Web where machine to machine total knowledge builds a highly stylized and formulaic music intelligentsia. The Echo Nest is a première example of Web 3.0 at its finest in a well conceived architectural platform.

Our Office

Stay tuned for what The Echo Nest will wrought for technology music devotees, it’s very stimulating stuff 😉

Happy Birthday Spotify


Spotify Logo
Spotify Logo (Photo credit: Dekuwa)


It has been a rewarding and incredible year as a U.S. Spotify Day One subscriber. Spotify is my daily listening source for music. When I get ready to leave my garage everyday for the daily commute, I choose the Spotify App, plug into the music I want to hear and it comes to me through my car audio system.


I want to especially congratulate Daniel Ek, the Spotify team and the Spotify App business partners. Spotify the music platform is ingenious.


I have a great deal of admiration for the technical co-operation between Spotify and The Echo Nest. Spotify in the Cloud is a beautiful thing.


I urge Spotify to partner with Neil Young‘s High Resolution Audio Player when that technology becomes available.


Keep on rocking me, Spotify. I’m your biggest fan 😉




The Echo Nest Moves Beyond Music Discovery

More great news about The Echo Nest and its music intelligence platform.

According to last week’s press release by The Echo Nest.

The Echo Nest, the world’s leading music intelligence platform, has closed a $17.3 million financing round led by Norwest Venture Partners. Prior investors Matrix Partners, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Fringe Partners, Jim Pallotta and board member Michael Brown also participated in this round. The Echo Nest plans to use the funds to support continued sales growth, international expansion, and new product development. The company is also announcing major additions to its Fanalytics listener data platform in pursuit of even better understanding of music.

Congratulations to The Echo Nest in securing 17.3 million in additional financial funding. As a result of that achievement efforts can move ahead in two key initiatives for The Echo Nest as the company become strategic to the digital music age.

The Echo Nest is announcing two product enhancements to its Fanalytics, tools which give companies more in-depth understanding of music listeners. One is Taste Profile Similarity, a data service that gives applications and music services the ability to connect like-minded fans within a larger group, even if these consumers don’t like the same band or have some other overt demonstration of their similarities.

When I tried the What’s your stereotype? app I got this result.


This is an extension of its Taste Profiles, a web service that builds a profile of each listener based on factors like music collection and listening behavior patterns.

The other is the Echo Nest’s affinity prediction capabilities, which it is refining as a way of predicting preferences and psychographic attributes beyond music. One proof of concept app, for instance, determined a predictive correlation between musical activity and political affiliation.

Read Brian Whitman’s (The Echo Nest CTO) blog post “How well does music predict your politics?” to get a better scientific appreciation of affinity prediction capabilities.

StagePage – I Love This App!

This is the app I have waited for! I have attended live concerts for 43 years now. So wish I had the StagePage iPhone app from the beginning 🙂

I read about StagePage at evolver.fm. If you are into music apps (and you know you are…) you must follow the evolver,fm Web site. It is published by the definitive cloud music metadata borg, the.echonest.com 

Now I can complete my long overdue task to document all the concerts I have witnessed. It’s just the tool I have looked for to get r done.

I will begin by using it tonight at the Lionel Loueke Trio concert at Wesleyan University.

I should soon know how close I am to achieving that 500th concert. 😉

Great job on this app Alexcel!

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