Giudizio Universale. Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel

My soul is in awe and wonder of the depth of this visual, interactive masterpiece. My Catholic faith ascends another level of spiritual connection from the magnificent breadth of this production.

“Giudizio Universale. Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel”, the long-running show produced by Artainment Worldwide Shows, had its debut on March 15th  2018 at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome.

The Sistine Chapel is the absolute protagonist. One of the most incredible places in world art history is at the center of a show born from the contamination of many different artistic forms: the physical action of the theatrical performance meets the intangible magic of special effects, the advanced technology is at the service of a story made by words and images never seen before. The 270° immersive projections take the viewer to the very center of the event.

The show created by Marco Balich, with the co-direction of Lulu Helbek, brings together some of the greatest international talents in the world of music, theatre, video production to offer the public a unique sensorial journey, an emotional experience that has as main protagonist one of the most important and admired places of the world: the Sistine Chapel.

Created with the scientific advice of the Vatican Museums, “Giudizio Universale” features the most advanced technology of live entertainment and a theme song by Sting. Internationally acclaimed actor Pierfrancesco Favino (“Angels & Demons”, “A Night at Museum”) performs the voice of Michelangelo Buonarroti in both the Italian and the English version of the show.

Tickets available here

Desert Rose – Sting, Cheb Mami

I love when songs I am not familiar with enthrall my being. I have discovered that feeling in the song, “Desert Rose” from Sting‘s 1999 album Brand New DayI don’t know why this song eluded my understanding 16 years ago but thankfully I can appreciate it now 🙂

Copyright A&M Records, “Desert Rose (Sting song) coverart” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –

“Desert Rose” is a duet featuring the voices of Sting and Algerian rai singer Cheb Mami. It has a transcendent world music feel that I find rapturous compelling.



The Last Ship Reflections

As the 2014 sands of time drain out I reflect upon a recent afternoon spent witnessing my passion.

The passionate venture with the arts was the Broadway musical, The Last Ship, Sunday December 28th, my 63rd birthday.  I was blessed to attend the event at the Neil Simon Theater with my loving wife and our son. No man could have been happier or prouder than I.

The play features Sting as Jackie White along with a superb cast and a wonderful staged production. I imagine it equally challenging and rewarding for Sting to shepherd his music compositions safely out to sea.

There are many fine moments from the musical etched in my memory. These pictures from the musical capture them well.

The story is compelling as Sting’s compositions weave the tale further inside the adventurous heart.

I listen to both Sting’s “The Last Ship” Deluxe Edition CD and the original Broadway score this day. Savoring a glorious time spent with gifted artists and the theater.

The Last Ship – Sting Joins The Cast

Sting has joined the cast  of The Last Ship  that’s icing on the cake.

The Last Ship, “Is set in the English seaside town of Wallsend, a close-knit community where life has always revolved around the local shipyard and the hardworking men construct magnificent vessels with tremendous pride. But Gideon Fletcher dreams of a different future. He sets out to travel the world, leaving his life and his love behind. When Gideon returns home many years later, he finds the shipyard’s future in grave danger and his childhood sweetheart engaged to someone else. This love triangle ignites just as the men and women of Wallsend take their future into their own hands and build a towering representation of the shared dream that defines their existence. And in the end Gideon comes to understand that he had indeed left behind more than he could have ever imagined.”

I started listening to Sting’s Deluxe Edition of The Last Ship in addition to the PBS Great Performances, Sting:The Last Ship.

Tomorrow, December 15th The Last Ship Original Broadway Cast Recording becomes available. A full musical exploration of The Last Ship will now ensue.


Bell Boy – The Who – Keith Moon, Lead Vocal

File:Quadrophenia (album).jpg

Quadrophenia (film)

If I had to pinpoint one song of all the tracks that is most memorable I’d have to say “Bell Boy” due to Keith Moon’s cockney accent on vocals. It’s the epitome of camp yet comes across highly believable.

Sting played the role of Ace Face, the bell boy in the movie Quadrophenia.

“Bell Boy” – He meets a former Ace Face who now holds the place as a bell boy at the very hotel the Mods tore up. He looks on Jimmy with a mixture of pity and contempt. The two argue, as Jimmy feels the Ace Face has “sold out”. Jimmy is now feeling that everything, even the Mod lifestyle, has let him down.

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