Workingman’s Dead

I never grow weary of this album with its black-on-sepia cover released on June 14, 1970.


San Francisco Music and Art Scene – R. Crumb, Jim Marshall, and Stanley Mouse

I was thinking about San Francisco today.I often transport myself there.  The music I played in the car today was recorded in San Francisco at Bill Graham’s Fillmore Auditorium in 1968, Cheap Thrills, Big Brother & The Holding CompanyThe album cover was drawn by underground cartoonist, R. Crumb. The liner notes for the remastered edition has photographs by the late Jim Marshall.


I was browsing my Facebook stream this afternoon when I happened upon a very cool picture posted by Robert Altman.

There was a photo from a 1985 book on the San Francisco music scene of famed poster artist Stanley Mouse taken by the great rock photographer Jim Marshall. The copy of this book is from autograph collecter Matt Tadevich. Mouse took the time to add his touch.

I love the synergy of San Francisco’s music, Janis and Big Brother, Bill Graham, R. Crumb, Stanley Mouse, Robert Altman and Jim Marshall, who figures in both references.

American Rock Poster Art

I wish I had more wall space in my house to accommodate rock poster art. I have several rock posters hanging on my walls that I really enjoy looking at and studying for hours.

What brought this subject more into focus today were two points of intersection. I was looking at the Europe ’72 Vol. 2 CD on the Grateful Dead Web site. The new artwork from my favorite poster artist, Stanley Mouse for the Europe ’72 Vol. 2 CD, (which releases on September 20, 2011), captured my imagination once more. 🙂

I began to browse more about Stanley Mouse’s art when I discovered the Rockin Roses Web site. I became enchanted with the poster art I found there by Stanley Mouse and others…

“Stanley Mouse drew and painted from inside the music. The spirit that drove the music of the ’60s was the same spirit that drove his art.”
Joel Selvin

This browsing then lead me to the American Artifact Web site which furthered my excitement when I learned that a rock poster artist documentary film by the same name had premiered last year. The DVD of the American Artifact film was for sale on their Web site and I soon placed an order for it for our movie night consumption.

I love that San Francisco serves as the origin of rock posters and also has The Rock Poster Society (TRPS) where you can become a member. I think I might join this fine organization in celebration of my 60th birthday later this year. I’d love to be able to attend the TRPS Fes­ti­val of Rock Posters event held on October  Sat­ur­day Octo­ber 8th, 2011 at the Hall of Flow­ers in Golden Gate Park in the beau­ti­ful city of San Francisco.

Festival of Rock Posters poster by Carolyn Ferris

As I thought further about art rock posters even more resources came to mind. I must come back to this topic again soon 🙂


1) Bill Graham Presents: The Art of the Fillmore – The Poster Series 1966-1971 – Acid Test Productions

2) The Art of Rock Posters from Presley to Punk by Paul Grushkin

3) The Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion by Paul Grushkin and Dennis King

4) Gig Posters: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century By Clay Hayes

5) The Small Stakes Music Posters By Jason Munn

6) Rock, Paper, Show by American Poster Institute

Poster Companies

Hatch Show Print

Wolfgang’s Vault

Poster Organizations

1) American Poster Institute

2) The Rock Poster Society – TRPS

Poster Events

1) Flatstock 31 – Seattle

(Part of the fantastic Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival September 3-5 2011, Seattle Center)

2) TRPS Fes­ti­val of Rock Posters – October 8, 2011, San Francisco

Web Sites

1) Gig Posters

2) Jason Munn

Grateful Dead – New York Historical Society

1 West 72nd Street (The Dakota)
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My lovely wife and I went to see The Grateful Dead exhibition at the New York Historical Society, in New York City yesterday. We had just a gorgeous weather day Saturday June 18th in the Museum Mile along Central Park West.

We were accompanied along the walk to the Historical Society by these banners hanging from the street poles.

The exhibit was awesome. An arch of red roses covers the entrance door to the exhibit area. Love that.

The artifacts are well documented. The posters by Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse are just super.

The photographs by Amalie R. Rothschild of the Grateful Dead at The Fillmore East  (If you love The Fillmore East you have to get her book) really captures what it felt like to see The Grateful Dead in a small theater.

My wife and I have seen The Grateful Dead in such a small venue, we witnessed The Grateful Dead on November 7th, 1970 at The Capitol Theater in Portchester, NY. We danced with The Grateful Dead and The New Riders of the Purple Sage from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m. the next day 🙂

Our favorite memorabilia was the sculpted life size puppets from the Touch of Grey video, the huge Uncle Sam batik panel stage backdrop, the two full cases of Grateful Dead T-Shirts and all the hand drawn SASE envelopes for Dead tickets.

After touring the exhibit we visited the gift shop and purchased a Dead T-Shirt and a poster.

Then we joined our son at Dallas BBQ on West 72nd Street, which is right next to The Dakota. Thanks for buying lunch Matt, it made Fathers Day 2010 very special.

We urge you to go visit this fantastic exhibit. It makes every Deadhead feel real proud and included. We love our extended Grateful Dead family.


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