Sitting about this day, listening to and thinking about influential artists. The music of our heart turns to the insightful voice of David Crosby. Very soon now, January 28th to be precise, David Crosby will release his first solo album in 20 years, Croz on Blue Castle Records. It is available as a pre-order on Audio CD and Vinyl on Amazon.

The first track has been jettisoned, “What’s Broken” is up on SoundCloud. 

Written by Crosby’s musician/producer son James Raymond, it channels the jazz haze and beatific/melancholic gleam of the best of his dad’s inimitable work, interweaving allusions to a personality type, “dodging kindness like golden arrows”, who seems somehow rather familiar. A collaborating Mark Knopfler plays guitar gorgeously and Crosby sings like a dream.

David Crosby will be touring in January and February 2014 in support of Croz. 

St. Vincent, You Rule!

Ever since we saw St. Vincent perform with David Byrne and their Brass Band on the Love This Giant tour I have become enraptured  by Annie Clark‘s musical genius. She captivates her audiences with riveting guitar playing combined with sheer bravado and energy.

I discovered today from Pitchfork that St. Vincent will be releasing a new album, St. Vincent on February 25th in the US.

St_ Vincent - Album Art

You can stream the first track, “Birth In Reverse” by simply joining the St. Vincent mailing list.

Or if you’d like here is the SoundCloud edition.

Congratulations Annie for being named recipient of the 2013 Smithsonian Magazine American Ingenuity Awards in Performing Arts.

David Byrne presented a heartfelt ad-lib speech for Annie Clark’s award.

By the time I was to introduce Annie (the last award as she’d be performing right after), I realized that everyone probably had had enough talks, as wonderful as they were. So I abandoned my notes, ignored the teleprompter and winged it. I talked about what I said above: what a wonderful world was represented here where the arts can mix with science and with social activism. I also said some nice things about Annie, but there was no need to explain what she does, as she was going to demonstrate that herself.

SoundCloud HTML5 Powered Platform


The SoundCloud platform has undergone a major transformation. It is now powered by HTML5 which generates a rewarding play and listening experience.

The revised SoundCloud home page produces an immediate, eye engaging result through the beauty of its responsive design.

I am enchanted with the drop drown interface for users, developers and creators. I don’t create or record music so I won’t be able to leverage those new interface features. I am a music consumer and journalist. My objective is to enhance my audio listening experience.  SoundCloud scores high marks in user experience improvements.

Drop Down Interface

SoundCloud piqued my interest through the successful use of intelligence with their redesign. I am an HTML5 zealot, ask my computer network students who hear me pontificate about the relevance of HTML5. SoundCloud takes major advantage of HTML5 fluidity with an effortless delivery flow for the user.

English: W3C HTML5 Badge in SVG.
English: W3C HTML5 Badge in SVG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Such features as Search and Explore along with Continuous Play engage more intimately than the original site design which  I found cumbersome and non-interactive as a past listener.

Soundcloud has targeted the curator which is a wise move with all the interest in increasing the intelligence surrounding this task. Registered users like myself who do not upload original music can build indexable profiles by re-posting and set-building tracks garnered from fellow listeners and creators.

SoundCloud has made a step in the right direction as digital music steps up to the sophistication of its global audience.

Ain’t No Use – Tedeschi Trucks Band

One of the most highly underrated musical acts performing live today is the Tedeschi Trucks Band. They are musically deceptive and clever all at the same time.

Watch as Tedeschi Trucks Band performs The Meters classic “Ain’t No Use” with George Porter Jr. on bass at the Keswick Theatre in Philadelphia, 11.28.2012.

One of my favorite concert photographers Dino Perrucci captured their performance through his inimitable lens.

For those of you who love the new SoundCloud here is the TTB HTML5 edition.

Lulu Full Preview Now Available! Prepared to be blown away!

I applaud how the Lou Reed and Metallica, LuLu Web site has updated their content on a regular and consistent basis. Many Web sites will state that they have built an initial Web site with more content to follow. I am presuming due to time and situation they are unable to fulfill that commitment in any kind of regular and/or timely manner.

The content provisioning for the LuLu, Lou Reed and Metallica Web site has been very consistent with content updates. The people responsible for this Web site have been very proactive with updating lyric content (which as of today is now complete for all 10 song), photos, video content and press information. It’s the right method to keep Lou Reed and Metallica fans engaged in the subject of a forthcoming product release. Staged content delivery allows a creation to breathe more naturally on its own.

Yesterday it was reported that a music e-tailer had posted all 10 song samples from Lulu prematurely and without permission. (Drop dates are 10/31 Worldwide and 11/1 North America). It was valuable to see the Lou Reed and Metallica record label take control of the “Internet leak” by countering the e-tailer sample listing with a SoundCloud page for all the samples. They did not name the e-tailer, which was a smart move, as they will need them when real product is available. I am betting that the official Sound Cloud sample page of LuLu received far more hits and comments because SoundCloud allows direct interaction as part of the SoundCloud sample along the time scale. It’s a non-aggressive authoritative way to wrest away content control and keep content ownership.

Wow they’ve gone one step further, I just discovered the entire recording available as a preview on their site here!!!! Yessssssssssssss, listen with it turned up full!!!

Shambhu: Sacred Love, Feel the Journey


We all search to find the peaceful place inside our heart and soul, where love abounds. Thanks to Shambhu and our mutual friend, Christopher Buttner at PRthatRocks I’ve happily arrived at that spiritual space in time.  Its more than coincidental that Shambhu is a Sanskrit name meaning, “Source of Happiness.”

I have marveled at the sounds, textures and meditative feelings I am receiving from Shambhu’s New Age recording, Shambhu: Sacred Love, Feel the Journey.

We connect on various planes of thought, Shambhu and I. The first level of connection is spiritual. For through his music he calms the mind as our psyche tries to cope with the rapidly accelerating universe where we thrive to co-exist.

The second connection is a mutual affinity I posses with Shambhu for well stated guitarists who are a creative force in music, energy and light. I have been a long time fan of John McLaughlin and Pat Metheny. I hear the echoes and influence of these artists in Shambhu’s playing. I actually hear something more profound when I open my heart to Shambhu’s tone and resonance.  I arrive at a place of renewal and spiritual awakening when I listen to Sacred Love. Shambhu’s music is  the essence of the morning light  unfolding the soft petals of a rose, revealing the fragrance of the flower to the joy of our senses. 🙂

The third connection is more astral-physical. I am an instructional technologist. I have 30+ years of experience in the information technology sector, where I now teach and design instruction for the Web and the physical classroom. Shambhu is a technologist and a spiritual healer. These are the truest essences of my soul. My journey has been to become a cognoscenti in the disciplines of instructional technology, Web design and music journalism. I visualize these three disciplines in congruence. They are the zen of my work-life balance.

This is where my spirit intersects with Shambhu, a.k.a.  S. Neil Vineberg. We share a mutual affinity for spirituality and the healing power of music, transcended through technology. S. Neil Vineberg is working with a company called ThingLink, who is bringing a revolutionary collaborative digital medium to market. ThingLink provides a collaboration of technologies that lets you place a SoundCloud audio player inside your photos, connecting them to music, sounds and effects, voice annotations and narrations.

I’m not able to display what Shambhu and ThingLink have achieved together in my WordPress blog post due to code restrictions on Please click on this link to see this compelling technology advancement.

These are the three reasons that compell me to connect deeper with Shambhu’s musical journey. I urge you to listen to his music, Sacred Love, Feel the Journey and to watch the video documentary on YouTube that articulates how each song is architected.

You’re in for a rare treat. So unplug yourself from all the electronic trappings that prevent us from floating downstream and listen to Shambhu’s gift of spiritual, healing music. The happiness you have long been seeking will truly become your natural reward.



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