TIDAL HiFi, Why I Kicked Spotify To The Curb

Four years ago, I became a Day One subscriber to Spotify for $9.99 a month after I kicked Zune to the curb. I subscribed to Spotify for two main reasons. 1) Spotify promised better audio quality than the MP3 Freemium music distribution model. 2) Spotify promised to pay artists better royalty payments with a “portion” of the $9.99 a month they collected from me and others. After four years as a Spotify subscriber I have pulled the plug on Spotify Premium. I cancelled the $9.99 a month option. Spotify from my experience failed to meet the “two commitments” I wanted from them as a customer. I witnessed and read how “little” Spotify was paying artists for their content.  I never received more than 320 kbps audio sound from Spotify. In the four year interim 2011 to 2015 digital audio quality improved. I own and use a high resolution PONO Music Player. I can truly hear the difference with HiRes sound. I switched my subscription to TIDAL HiFi last week, $19.99 a month. I am finally listening to the high fidelity audio music quality Spotify failed to deliver upon. I am confident TIDAL HiFi will pay artists higher royalties. After all they aren’t “owned” by a record company as an investor. They are an artist owned platform. The “sweetener” for me is TIDAL HiFi and Sonos. I itch to own a Sonos Play:1 sound cube that allows me to hear hi-def music wirelessly. So long Spotify, Hello TIDAL HiFi. #TIDALforALL

TIDAL HiFi and Sonos

I wondered if yesterday’s TIDAL HiFi North America launch would compel me to subscribe to TIDAL HiFi.

TIDAL HiFi is Lossless High Fidelity sound quality. High definition music videos. Expertly curated editorial.

Plus I am all for the artist and their receiving higher royalty payments that Spotify, well actually the record labels pay musicians. Spotify and the labels pay artists with an eye dropper.

The TIDAL solution enhancement I had anticipated was announced as part of TIDAL’s relaunch yesterday. TIDAL HiFi and Sonos have an engineering/product partnership.

I am considering taking the plunge to buy a Sonos Play:1 ($199) and a TIDAL HiFi account ($19.99 a month). This is definitely the way to go for high-fidelity wireless music. The best part is that I plan to use Web monetization to pay for this transaction. 🙂 Thank you WordPress and WordAds.

I can even play TIDAL HiFi Offline through my Honda sound system via my iPhone and Bluetooth.