Trilon (Michael Shrieve)

I just placed my pre-order for the Trilon (Michael Shrieve) 12″ white 150 gram vinyl LP. I love Micheal Shrieve’s approach to music. He is an innovative risk taker who has a keen ear for experimentation with sounds and textures.

I also want to complement Beat Hollow Records on how smooth and effortless they made that digital purchase. It was pleasing to the eyes in the transactional design. My compliments to the chefs as they are smart to use Stripe to expedite the online purchase. You can buy this limited edition (collectible) here and get a free audio casette with your purchase. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly an audio casette of Trilon 😉

I am eager to spin the Trilon recording on my turntable when it becomes available in May. I plan to write more about the artists on Trilon in a future music blog post.

Trilon is: Michael Shrieve, Skerik, Reggie Watts, James Rotondi, Brad Houser, Mike Dillon, and Brian Siskind

Here is a sample of what’s in store for our senses. It’s most cool and original.

Beat Hollow Records

May I say I love the mission of the Beat Hollow Records extended team. I admire where they are focusing their collective energies. I find a microlabel company novel in a mass-market, digital age. It speaks to attention to detail.

Beat Hollow: distance; leave in the -lurch, transcend, surmount; soar (rise)

Beat Hollow Records: A new limited edition vinyl and cassette only microlabel purveying deep electronic, ambient, future jazz and postmodern dubs. Beat Hollow Records will only release limited editions and rarefied special releases. We will offer finely made and carefully cultivated records. We will not offer digital downloads, or CD’s. We simply want to put out music we love, and are inspired by, and want to release it in a meaningful way. To create artifacts, not files to skip over. Human.

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