Cousin Brucie’s Energy Has Always Been Infectious

My wife and I were listening to Cruisin’ With Cousin Brucie on Sirius XM Satellite Radio as we love to do on Sunday nights. The thought occurred to me why don’t I feature a music blog post about one of our all-time favorite broadcast personalities. Being that we are all cousins in this life ;), here are some sentiments about Cousin Brucie to share with you this evening.

One blog post alone can never do justice for a radio disk jockey who has the most infectious energy going on so watch for more posts about Brucie on this Website. Cousin Brucie has been a part of our lives for 50+ years. I recall listening to Cousin Brucie on AM 770 radio WABC where Bruce Morrow was an ABC All-American. I would hear him on my hand-held transistor radio that I bought with my paper route money. We loved the New York City Top 40 radio competition between the WMCA Good Guys (570 AM), WINS (1010 AM) with Murray the K and the WABC All Americans. Our music education grew enormously as the three stations battled for our listener loyalty.

Murray the K (WMCA) positioned himself as the “5th Beatle”. While Cousin Brucie got the exclusive honor of introducing The Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1965.

Cousin Brucie has entertained us with his natural charm and genuine love for people and the music ever since The British Invasion. He has hosted many live shows and featured radio broadcasts from Palisades Park on Saturday nights.

He hosted an oldies show on WCBS-FM for 23 years from 1983-2005. He has done the satellite radio show with infectious energy and wonderful warm enthusiasm since 2012.

Cousin Brucie has authored three books, all of which I want to get and read for my music book collection.

  • Cousin Brucie: My Life in Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio (1987)
  • Doo Wop: The Music, the Times, the Era (published November 1, 2007)
  • Rock & Roll:…And the Beat Goes On (published October 1, 2009)

Maybe one day I can get one of his very special bobble head dolls he talks about and gives away on the show 😉

Cousin Brucie

Cousin Brucie

Cousin Brucie

We love you cousin!

Music Journalism A-Z – Jenny Eliscu

Jenny Eliscu

I am taking a sharp 90 degree turn with the music journalism A-Z series. Today’s music blog post is about Jenny Eliscu. I want to recognize Jenny Eliscu’s integrated music journalism/broadcasting skills which she exercises with natural aplomb.

1) She is a contributing editor and music critic at Rolling Stone Magazine. Jenny had a recurring role in the MTV reality television show I’m From Rolling Stone. This limited run (10 episodes) highlighted six aspiring music journalists who were given summer internships in the hopes of earning a contributing editor place at Rolling Stone Magazine.

2) Jenny Eliscu authored and delivered an authoritative college music career guide. The information this RS publication has is highly valuable and complementary to Rolling Stone Magazine’s publishing mission. The guide is well-researched, highly factual and concise. It is an eight year old book that could stand a refresh due to the music industry changes as we move to cloud music (Beats, Spotify, etc.). Many academic music programs are attempting to keep pace with the speed of digital sound.

Schools That Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide

3) Jenny Eliscu also hosts a show on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 35: Sirius XMU, The Spectrum with Jenny Eliscu She’s been indulging her obsession with new music on-air at Sirius XM since 2006.

Find her on Twitter @jennylsq

The Guess Who – Daily Post 2011 #15

One of my favorite groups from the sixties is The Guess Who

When I am listening to the 60s on 6 station on Sirius Satellite Radio their songs come across very vibrant and amazingly fresh all these decades later.

They had a great series of hits on the radio, with unique textures, solid vocals and a tight rock sound. Check out this YouTube video of  the original version of “No Time” with a psychedelic intro and outro.

Seeing The Guess Who live is on my bucket list. I am not certain that will be possible with members of the original lineup unless they reunite for a U.S. tour. The signature vocals of lead singer/keyboardist, Burton Cummings established the band as a fixture on the radio. The guitar work of Randy Bachman finessed their sound. Bachman and Cummings co-wrote many of The Guess Who’s hits.

Randy Bachman left the band in 1970 to form Bachman-Turner Overdrive which generated many classic  hits on their own. Burton Cummings left the band in 1975 for a solo career.

The Guess Who tour as the nucleus shown below today. Original members still performing as The Guess Who include Jim Kale bassist and Garry Peterson drummer who own franchise. I’m glad to know they are keeping it real. I hope to catch The Guess Who in concert this year or next as I watch the Web for show dates near us in 2011/2012 😉

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