Tom Petty, An American Treasure, Box Set


A 4-CD set that features all 60 tracks and an 84-page hardbound book which includes many more photographs and an essay by renowned author Nicholas Dawidoff written especially for An American Treasure that speaks to Tom Petty’s presence in our lives and influence on our culture for more than 40 years.

This special package also includes custom reproductions of Tom Petty’s handwritten lyrics to four songs featured in this collection and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

All newly released recordings on An American Treasure have been mixed by Ryan Ulyate from pristine transfers of the original studio multitrack masters. All 60 recordings have been re-mastered for this collection by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

The custom cover artwork for An American Treasure was created by prominent American artist Shepard Fairey from an image of Petty by renowned photographer Mark Seliger.

Honor The Treaties With The Doors on Vinyl

My commitment to vinyl and Record Store Day is changing. I am more interested in high-resolution audio than I am the warm sound of vinyl.

Granted I still have an allegiance to vinyl, most notably 12″ album art, liner notes etc.

I did not take part as I have in past years by getting up early and finding a record store where I could purchase Record Store Day collectibles.

However there was one RSD vinyl EP that I clamored for and that was The Doors, Ghost Song/Drums.

When I saw that The Store was selling this collectible direct to the public I ordered a copy. I like that the proceeds from the sale of this recording go to Honor The Treaties.

Indigenous communities are fighting their most important battles in recent history—battles to protect the integrity of their land and water and traditions. The treaties are at the heart of these battles. Article VI, Clause 2 of the US Constitution, also known as the Supremacy Clause, lists these treaties as the “supreme law of the land.”

Side A Features “Ghost Song” by The Doors from American Prayer. Side B Features “Drums” by Peter LaFarge.

The record’s cover art was done by Shepard Fairey, the graphic designer behind the famous Barack Obama “Hope” and Andre the Giant “Obey” images. The “Ghost Song” cover is based on images by prize-winning National Geographic photojournalist Aaron Huey.

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God Save The Queen – Neil Young & CrazyHorse

The fourth video from Americana, God Save The Queen” by Neil Young & CrazyHorse.

More Neil Young & CrazyHorse Americana Information…

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about Neil Young & CrazyHorse’s soon to be released album, Americana. I mentioned the artwork being done for each song on the Americana album by Shepard Fairey.

I received an e-mail from the Neil Young mailing list today that provides a Web page with the links for all 11 Americana song art works.

This is my favorite song art so far 😉

The third video for Americana, “Clementine”  made its exclusive premiere today on AOL‘s the Boot.

Clementine video

Neil Young’s Americana will be 100% audio on BluRay and 180 Grade Vinyl

Neil Young has resurged my audiophile interest with his focused strategy to bring high resolution audio to music listeners. I support his initiative, happily denoting he has achieved the high resolution audio goal he set out to accomplish with his next recording, Americana. This recording will be available on BluRay and 180 Grade Vinyl where you will hear 100% of the audio.

On the Bluray product you can hear all of the nuances of the CrazyHorse sound exactly as recorded by John Hanlon at Audio Casablanca Studio. If you want the best, now you have a choice. The Americana Bluray also contains 12 videos of the Americana songs, with an alternate version of “Clementine,” plus documentary footage of the Americana choir as it was being recorded at East West Studios in LA. (Be advised the BluRay edition is not available until July 10th vs. the other products released on June 5th)

If you want to be part of Neil Young & CrazyHorse Americana history on June 5th, 2012 pre-order the high resolution audio recording 180G 2 LP vinyl + lyric book edition.

It’s important to note that in order to get the full benefit of 100% audio you will need a high resolution audio playback unit. This will mean a high fidelity turntable, receiver and speakers or a Sony Home Audio (Home Theater) system.

'Americana' artwork will feature original paintings by Shepard Fairey.

Americana is a work of art on other levels too. Shepard Fairey, prominent street artist has teamed up with Neil Young to create the artwork for the rocker’s new album with CrazyHorse, Americana.

Fairey isn’t just tagging the cover, he’s creating an original painting for each track on the album. The artwork will be for sale at a one-day private exhibition at Santa Monica’s Perry Rubenstein Gallery on June 1 and is expected to be on display for the masses in upcoming music videos and the staging of Young’s “Americana” tour.

Written in the 1800s based on an old Negro spiritual, this song refers to the second coming of Jesus, and “she” is the chariot Jesus is coming on. Some interpret this as the end of the world. Others have said that “she” refers to union organizer Mary Harris “Mother” Jones going to promote formation of labor unions in the Appalachian coal-mining camps. The Americana arrangement continues the folk process with a new melody, a new title and a combination of lyric sources. – Neil Young (Americana Liner Notes)