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There are various locales that represent important music genres in the United States. I’ve been fortunate to visit New York City (infamous for Jazz), Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee (representing the Blues).

I recently wrote about the National Blues Museum in St. Louis being another step in the music journey.

I have discovered another vital American music museum to see, the San Francisco Music Hall of Fame. SF Music Hall of Fame showcases artifacts and memorabilia from San Francisco’s rich and storied musical history, offering visitors a fun and informative look back at the sounds that shaped The City and how The City shaped the country. Rotating exhibits across two floors will offer people of all ages a glimpse into the San Francisco Sound.

The San Francisco Music Hall of Fame is in the design stage and will offer a stroll through the history of some of the most influential music of our time. In the halls of Music City you’ll revisit the San Francisco Sound, the Summer of Love, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, Sly Stone, Santana, Janis Joplin, and so much more.

Classic photography, concert-played instruments, vintage posters, and an ever-changing display of memorabilia is blended with modern interpretations of the music of the Bay Area to bring you a glimpse like no other into the classic rock era.

Installed in the sidewalk in front of Music City SF at 1353 Bush Street, over 330 intricately connected, engraved bricks, embedded in the sidewalk of the Music City SF building, honors local legends, including many who may never received national recognition, for their place in the rich, diverse and creative musical and cultural movements of the San Francisco Scene.

The Music City SF Walk of Fame celebrates the personalities, places and events that make up the community heritage of The City and the SF Bay Area.  From Beat Poets to the San Francisco Sound explosion of the late 1960’s to the artists of today will be enshrined. The continuous story is told brick-to-brick, section to section of the times, places, artists and performers.

Stay tuned for grand opening dates and other exciting announcements.

(Much of the text above is courtesy of the SF Music City Hall of Fame Web site)

Jeff Beck – A Man For All Seasons: In The 1960s

This film traces Jeff Beck‘s music and career throughout the 1960s – his formative influences and early groups, his work with The Yardbirds, his brief, bizarre reinvention by producer Mickie Most as a solo pop star, and the first, radical incarnation of the Jeff Beck Group, during which he played alongside vocalist Rod Stewart and second guitarist Ron Wood. Featuring a plethora of rare performance and studio footage, exclusive interviews, contributions from those who worked with and alongside Jeff during this period and a host of other features, all of which combine to make this documentary – the first yet to singularly focus on Beck’s career – a legitimate tribute and enthralling history of this often underrated musician, writer and performer.

Metallica – Enter Sandman

I am thankful to have seen Metallica perform, “Enter Sandman” at the 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concerts, October 30, 2009. They really raised the roof that night. Such raw, powerful energy. It is their signature song.

I loved the footage of NY Yankees Mariano Rivera running out from the bullpen in centerfield at Yankee Stadium behind them as they played Classic.

Uncut Magazine has an article about “The Making of…Metallica’s Enter Sandman”.

Feel free to read it here, http://www.uncut.co.uk/the-making-of-metallica-s-enter-sandman-feature

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Bruce Springsteen’s High Hopes

A new documentary about the making of Bruce Springsteen‘s latest album will air on HBO next month, a few days before his group the E Street Band receive a special award at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The half-hour film, Bruce Springsteen’s High Hopes, will detail the making of the singer-songwriter’s most recent record, High Hopes, which came out earlier this year and debuted at Number One in 20 countries. The film, which premieres April 4th at 9:30 p.m. EST, will feature scenes of studio sessions, rehearsals and interviews with Springsteen and his High Hopescollaborator, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/bruce-springsteens-high-hopes-doc-to-air-on-hbo-20140307#ixzz2vc8kt7rl
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Here Come The Nice, The Immediate Years – The Small Faces

I’ve been viewing the ultimate collection box set, Here Come The Nice, The Immediate Years 1967-1969 from The Small Faces. Box sets always fascinate me from on a content, design and merchandise basis. The purpose of this limited edition (3,000 signed copies) is to commemorate the Small Faces recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

My reaction to the Small Faces box set was positive as I watched Kenny Jones breakdown the merchandising elements I felt compelled to buy one of these sets, (Amazon U.S. $152.90).

• 4 CDs – 75 songs remastered from original tapes
• 72-page hardback book, lavishly illustrated
• 3 rare singles in red, white & blue vinyl
• Olympic Studios 7-inch replica acetate
• 64-page softcover illustrated lyric book
• 5 postcards with rare photos & artwork
Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake facsimile press kit
• 2 large-size reproduction posters
• 2 exclusive Gered Mankowitz fine art prints

Personally signed by Kenney Jones & Ian McLagan – limited to only 3,000 copies worldwide!

“It’s all so beautiful”

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Music Journalism A-Z – Holly George-Warren

Holly George-Warren

Holly George-Warren personifies the admirable place of music industry subject matter authority. She has the right mix of multifaceted skills that when combined or executed singularly create demand for her ability. According to her biography, Holly George-Warren is an award-winning writer, editor, book packager, producer, and music consultant.  If that’s not enough for you she teaches Arts Journalism at the State University of New York in New Paltz, NY and has lectured at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University. She has guest lectured at Cornell, Penn, MTSU and CUNY, among other universities.

I am especially taken with how she embodies her knowledge when it comes to American cultural fashion. She has served as a consultant, writer, and/​or lecturer on Western wear at several museums, including the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, the Autry Museum of the American West, the National Cowboy Museum and Hall of Fame, the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum, and the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. So its safe to say she looks and acts the part 😉

I learn more readily why she was chosen to co-write the book John Varvatos: Rock In Fashion (with John Varvatos, projected availability September 2013). One of these days I am going to own a John Varvatos ensemble. This book will be invaluable in helping to choose that desired wardrobe item.


I am eager for another book Holly George-Warren is now authoring the biography of Alex Chilton, to be published by Viking Press in 2014. I know she will write with diligence and just the right amount of revelation necessary to tell his story to the world.

The Road to Woodstock

I own three of  the many books she has written.  The first book, The Road to Woodstock is an autographed hardcover that Holly George-Warren signed in person at the Morrison Hotel Gallery Woodstock 40th Anniversary Event (The book was also signed that evening by co-writer Micheal Lang, Woodstock co-creator, Henry Diltz, “Official” Woodstock photographer (Founder of Morrison Hotel Gallery) and John B. Sebastian, the performer featured on the cover).

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: The First 25 Years is the other book I own by Holly George-Warren.  I use the book as a constant reference along with the companion Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 9 DVD set. We attended the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert at Madison Square Garden that same year 2009. We also have the HBO DVD recording of that super star event to help us relive that evening 😉

If I have peaked your interest about Holly George-Warren and you wish to learn more about her story, watch this two- part interview on the Rock Book Show You Tube channel.

I learned from watching the interview that Holly George-Warren was the book packager for the centerpiece title Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: A Musical Journey. This is the third book in my library. I loved that blues project which incorporated the 100 year Salute to the Blues at Radio City Music Hall that was captured on film, Lightning In A Bottle. So once again I am educated by Holly George-Warren through this book. We attended the Salute to the Blues event at Radio City Music Hall in 2003. I also watched the entire PBS series The Blues. There has never been such a comprehensive multimedia focused effort for the blues before or since.


Five Easy Pieces – EMP Pop Conference 2013

The Experience Music Project (EMP) Pop Conference in 2013 will be a five city live streaming event. The five easy pieces for Pop Conference 2013 will take place in Seattle (Central site), New York (the site of the 2012 Pop Conference that we attended), Los Angeles, New Orleans and Cleveland.  Please refer to the EMP Pop Conference page for more specifics, as the event is just unfolding.

Five different gatherings, in the East, West, South, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest, will take place on the same weekend, with a goal of live streaming the content for those unable to travel and preserving it for posterity. At each location, there will be one panel at a given time, rather than concurrent sessions, to foster regional community.

Local organizers, all veteran conference participants, will steer the program for each Pop Conference city: Oliver Wang of Cal-State Long Beach in Los Angeles (working with the USC Dornsife Center for Feminist Research, directed by Karen Tongson); Tavia Nyong’o of NYU in New York (working with the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music); Joel Dinerstein of Tulane in New Orleans (working with the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South); Lauren Onkey of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland; and Jasen Emmons of EMP Museum in Seattle.

My aim as an EMP/SFM Member(since 2009) is to increase my Pop Conference involvement in 2013 from the attendee level in 2012. I’m glad the NYU event is open-ended. I have contacted Tavia Nyong’o of NYU to learn more about where I can hopefully take part.

I learned that the Pop Conference 2012 event was published as a collection of papers by the Duke University Press soon after the event. Eric Weisbard served as Editor for Pop When the World Falls Apart, Music In The Shadow of Doubt. Eric is the EMP Pop Conference Organizer and is also Assistant Professor of American Studies at the University. This is the third collection of Pop Conference papers

I have a better idea now why Robert Christgau calls the Pop Conference,  “the best thing that’s ever happened to serious consideration of pop music.” I attended the session where he spoke last year (Refer to my blog post about Pop Conference 2012 here)

I look forward to the EMP Pop Conference 2013. I plan to update readers about this event moving forward. When I’m informed you will be informed, so stay tuned 🙂

The Rascals: A Prelude

I an trying to wrap my mind around The Rascals multimedia event, Once Upon A Dream, that Rosemary and I saw last night as we returned to The Capitol Theatre in Portchester, NY. It’s a blog post I want to do justice to so I can’t publish it yet, but trust me I will as soon as I get the proper time to write my thoughts and observations.


In the meantime let me whet your appetite for The Rascals live. There were many highlights last night. The high point for me was seeing Eddie Brigati sing, “How Can I Be Sure”.

Here is a YouTube video of Eddie Brigati at BB King’s Club in NYC. I just love the adoration Kate Taylor shows him as a fan and fellow musician. What’s even cooler is that he invites his wife up and his brother David Brigati to sing background vocals with him. I never realized until I began to research The Rascals how important David Brigati was to The Rascals sessions.

The video gets even better after Eddie sings, “How Can I Be Sure”. Jimmie Vivino who is playing piano asks Gene Cornish to come up and he plays harmonica as they do “Groovin”. What an out a site session!

Steven Van Zandt and his wife Maureen have produced a wonderful, nostalgic musical in Once Upon A Dream. Their love of The Rascals is evident through out the production.

Please enjoy for now Little Steven’s induction of The Rascals into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1997) and their subsequent performance. It will give you a taste of what we lovingly experienced last night 🙂

Heart in Concert at Foxwoods 10/6/12


Heart is on a roll. Their recent set of accomplishments is a testimony to the ever enduring work ethic of Ann and Nancy Wilson, their band and management team.

Heart’s impressive accomplishments include:

  1. The Strange Euphoria Box Set
  2. A new book – Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock and Roll
  3. A star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  4. A new studio album – Fanatic
  5. 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominee

We caught Heart live in concert on Saturday night at Foxwoods. It is the mercurial time for the Wilson sisters.

Heart played a fast paced  and balanced 90 minute set. They are hard rock in glorious splendor. I love how their music beckons.

Ann Wilson’s magnificent voice filled the MGM Grand Theater. Her voice is powerful, I love her delivery. She sounded vibrant and chilled me to the bone several times last night. She touched the music of our heart the most with the song”Alone”.

Nancy Wilson is a talented guitarist and vocalist. She stepped out front, very much in charge, several times during the show. She got crazy on us and that was cool to see. She high kicked and moved with amazing fluidity. She played lots of guitars, I was fascinated by her technique.

The ending song that was the most pleasant surprise was Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop“. Heart knocked that song out of the park. They added a dimension and reverence to this timeless classic that echoes with resonance inside of me.

Heart Fanatic Tour Set List

  1. Intro (In The Light)
    (Led Zeppelin cover)
  2. Fanatic
  3. Heartless
  4. What About Love 
  5. Mashallah
  6. 59 Crunch
  7. Even It Up 
  8. Straight On
  9. Dog & Butterfly
  10. Walkin’ Good
  11. These Dreams 
  12. Alone 
  13. Dear Old America
  14. Barracuda 
  15. Misty Mountain Hop
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