Rickie Lee Jones – More About “The Other Side of Desire”

Its been great getting updated by Rickie Lee Jones about her next recording, “The Other Side of Desire” on PledgeMusic. As a devout music fan I love being in the loop during the artistic process.

Rickie Lee just shared with us “pledgers” the cover image and the track listing. Don’t you just dig that photograph 😉

By the way it’s not to late to pledge.

Track Listing

1. Jimmy Choos
2. Valtz de Mon Pere (Lovers’ Oath)
3. J’ai Connais Pas
4. Blinded By The Hunt
5. Infinity
6. I Wasn’t Here
7. Christmas in New Orleans
8. Haunted
9. Feet On The Ground
10. Juliette
11. Finale; (A Spider In The Circus Of The Falling Star)

So Rickie Lee. More teaser tracks please 🙂

Rickie Lee Jones – The Other Side of Desire

I have enjoyed Rickie Lee Jones updates as a Pledge Music crowd fund supporter. She is doing an superb job of keeping us informed about her forthcoming album, The Other Side of Desire.

I was acknowledged today of the first trailer for her new album which releases on June 23rd, 2015. The album was recorded in Rickie Lee Jones hometown of New Orleans.

I can only imagine the emotional rollercoaster it has been for Rickie Lee Jones as she fights to perpetuate her art in this digital music age. This is particularly clear when the video juxtaposes her first hit single, “Chuck E.’s In Love” with her present life. I respect her anger with a music industry that attempts to limit her role as a vital American musician.

Thank God we can elevate her by funding this valuable recording project. I hope you will share in my enthusiasm for Rickie Lee Jones compositions. Her contributions as a singer/songwriter merit our respect and admiration.

I noticed that Rickie Lee Jones will be touring in support of The Other Side of Desire. She is slated to perform at Infinity Hall in Hartford, Connecticut on August 27th, 2015. We have not been to the new Infinity Hartford yet. This looks like the event that will get us there.

Rickie Lee Jones – Chuck E’s In Love

It was late in 1978, mid-December if I recall correctly. I was managing a record department for Caldors in Stamford, Ct. I was invited to attend a customer appreciation holiday party by my Warner\Elektra\Asylum (WEA) account rep.

At the party WEA was showing artist videos on a big screen color projection system. I remember watching  a new artist on the Warner Bros. label that my account rep was excited about, Rickie Lee Jones. I was given a poster that night of her soon to be released album (February 28, 1979). I don’t know what happened to that collectible…

The music video I saw was “Chuck E’s In Love”. I was knocked out with Rickie Lee Jones hip style and delivery. This was three years before MTV and rotational music videos as a channel. Music videos in 1978 were rare compared to how plentiful they are today with YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

The song became a monster hit as was her first album, Rickie Lee Jones. I sold many copies of that album in 1979.

The Modern Muse of Rickie Lee Jones

I first learned of Rickie Lee Jones at a Warner\Elektra\Asylum party held at their sales office in Connecticut one evening in 1979.  When I walked in there she was on the large video screen singing this song and  I was immediately hooked on her bohemian cool.

Rickie Lee Jones’s modern muse is calling me again as I listen with a renewed sense of purpose to her auspicious body of work. I am taken with her mystical voice as it swirls thoughtful sensibilities about my head.  I have gained an appreciation for Balm in Gilead her latest studio recording (2009).

Rickie Lee Jones chose Stockholm as the location for  her live concert filming. I sense a warm energy surrounding this performance. The unique setting is the historic and regal Berns Salonger, built in 1862.  It is an impressive setting amidst massive crystal chandeliers, gilded walls, and paintings of Swedish royalty.  Live in Stockholm is available for pre-order here.  

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