Tom Petty, An American Treasure, Box Set


A 4-CD set that features all 60 tracks and an 84-page hardbound book which includes many more photographs and an essay by renowned author Nicholas Dawidoff written especially for An American Treasure that speaks to Tom Petty’s presence in our lives and influence on our culture for more than 40 years.

This special package also includes custom reproductions of Tom Petty’s handwritten lyrics to four songs featured in this collection and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

All newly released recordings on An American Treasure have been mixed by Ryan Ulyate from pristine transfers of the original studio multitrack masters. All 60 recordings have been re-mastered for this collection by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

The custom cover artwork for An American Treasure was created by prominent American artist Shepard Fairey from an image of Petty by renowned photographer Mark Seliger.

Neil Young’s Psychedelic Pill Streaming For Free Very Soon Now… will be making available Psychedelic Pill to stream for free very soon now. Sign up for it here. You will be added to the official Neil Young e-newsletter. Be the first to receive the latest music, tour dates, contests and more!

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Next be ready to install the Orastream Player from the site, which will need the latest version of Java, for your browser. If you are running Windows this will need a reboot of your machine.

My guess at this juncture and this is purely speculation on my part that Orastream could play a role in Neil Young’s Pono solution. My suspicion is that Orastream might serve as the music cloud for Neil Young’s future high-resolution recordings.  I could be wrong about what the Pono cloud will be but Orastream may have an inside track here. Or it could be merely that Orastream is the solution in place for now for Psychedelic Pill, Neil Young and Reprise. The digital edition with video is available for $10.99 pre-order….


Neil Young’s Greatest Hits

I find myself reaching for Neil Young’s Greatest Hits recording  due to the simplicity of how it is put together.

Neil Young was methodical in his approach to his greatest hits. He long resisted the urge of Reprise Records to publish a greatest hits recording until 2004.   The sequence of his hits has such a natural, evolutionary flow. It’s a prime example of how effortless a greatest hits recording should be for the listener.

I can’t wait to play it again on the way home from work today 🙂

Frank Sinatra – The Best of The Best

I saw this television advertisement this morning for Frank Sinatra’s, Best of the Best on Capitol Records.

How cool is this, 23 songs for $9.99! The best of his Capitol and Reprise catalogues. All on one CD!

It’s the best of the best no-brainer ever.

There is also a 2 CD deluxe edition, featuring the 23 classic songs and a 1957 live Seattle concert. I want both products 😉

Frank Sinatra: Best of The Best