7 Walkers – Bill Kreutzmann and Friends

Papa Mali w/ Bill Kreutzmann
Image by City On Fire via Flickr

I was reading the March 2011 issue of Relix Magazine last night when I noticed that theΒ 7 Walkers, Bill Kreutzmann‘s new band had placed at #1 on the Jambands.com Radio Chart. This took me pleasantly by surprise so I investigated the band and the situation further. Sure enough they sound rhythmically righteous. 7 Walkers has held the top spot on Jambands.com’s Radio Chart for three solid months now.

I think you’ll find their music infectious πŸ˜‰ and I hope you’ll do as I did, buy their music πŸ™‚

Jay Blakesberg 2010

7 Walkers consists of the following collaborators:

Bill Kreutzmann, Drums

Papa Mali, Guitar & Vocals

George Porter Jr., Bass

Matt Hubbard, Keyboards, Horns, Harmonica & Vocals

Lyrics by Robert HunterπŸ˜‰