Rock Star Patti Smith, Making Paris Swoon – The New York Times


She is working toward a third act as a novelist, and her new book, “Year of the Monkey,” blends fact and fiction.

Source: Rock Star Patti Smith, Making Paris Swoon – The New York Times

Jeff Magnum and Neutral Milk Hotel

Sometimes I am late to the party when it comes to discovering musical groups.  Such is the case with Jeff Magnum and Neutral Milk Hotel.  I like how lo-fi indie groups create rich textural and sonic landscapes. This genre of music helps my intellectualism. Subsequently I process this sound engaged in new-found meaning and delightful interpretation.

I was thankful to stumble upon Jon Pareles NY Times article about  Jeff Magnum’s concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It has given me the opportunity to add Neutral Milk Hotel to my Spotify playlist today. So I sit in my home office this morning, witnessing the marvel of the snow falling across the cul-de-sac, back dropped by Neutral Milk Hotel.

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Van Halen Tour and New Album – The Excitement Buzz Continues

Last night Van Halen played at Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village for 250 people. I applaud them for igniting such a major excitement buzz for their 2o12 tour and their forthcoming album A Different Kind of Truth.  The NY Times article, “Van Halen Delivers Big Nostalgia on a Small Stage” by James McKinley Jr. proved to be an insightful read for those of us who were curious about last night’s event.

Photograph by Charles Sykes/Associated Press

I’m setting my sights on trying to get tickets for the Mohegan Sun March 3rd concert. Live Nation is handling the tour so I will need to use my account  with them to purchase seats. I like that Kool & The Gang will be the opening act.

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