Jackson Browne First Artist Ever to Receive Gandhi Peace Award

Congratulations to Jackson Browne in becoming the first artist to receive the Gandhi Peace Award. Promoting Enduring Peace announced that the award will be accepted by singer-songwriter Jackson Browne on Friday, September 14, 2018, at a ceremony beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the United Church on the Green at 270 Temple Street in New Haven, Connecticut.

I am invited to attend this event and look forward to witnessing Jackson Browne receive this honor in person. Jackson Browne’s activism and commitment to peace have been his lifelong mission.

I  joined Promoting Enduring Peace because I truly believe in Gandhi and non-violence. Ralph Nader is both a past recipient of the Gandhi Peace Award and an active member of this essential group.

If you are interested in “Peace on Earth, Peace with Earth” I recommend that you subscribe to Peace News.

Here is the press release.

New Haven, CT —  Promoting Enduring Peace announces that the 2018 Gandhi Peace Award will be accepted by singer-songwriter Jackson Browne on Friday September 14, 2018 at a ceremony beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the United Church on the Green at 270 Temple Street in New Haven, Connecticut. Seating is limited for the event. 

Browne is the first artist ever to receive the Gandhi Peace Award. He is being honored for extraordinary contributions of time and talent to the inseparable causes of world peace, environmental harmony, and social justice. The Award comes with a cash prize and a medallion forged from peace bronze composed of metals salvaged from the control systems of U.S. nuclear missiles. The Award Ceremony will feature short musical tributes by local performers, an appeal for action on the local and planetary levels, and the presentation of the Award itself. Consistent with tradition, Browne has been invited “to present a message of challenge and hope” to those present. A reception follows.

The Gandhi Peace Award, named after Indian anti-imperialist and nonviolence advocate Mohandas Gandhi, derives its international renown from those who have accepted it over the years, beginning with Eleanor Roosevelt in 1960. Among the other 53 awardees are Linus Pauling, Martin Luther King, Jr., Norman Thomas, William Sloane Coffin, Benjamin Spock, Wayne Morse, U Thant, Dorothy Day, Daniel Ellsberg, Kay Camp, César Chávez, Marian Wright Edelman, and George McGovern. Since 2011 the Award has been accepted by Arik Ascherman (Rabbis for Human Rights), Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!), Bill McKibben (350.org), Medea Benjamin (Code Pink), Omar Barghouti (BDS), and Ralph Nader (Public Citizen).

Jackson Browne has composed and performed songs widely regarded as among the most literate and moving songs in popular music, defining a genre of songwriting charged with honesty, emotion, and personal politics. Inducted in 2004 into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and in 2007 into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, he has three albums counted among Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 greatest albums of all time. 

Browne has organized or participated in thousands of benefit performances to support the environment, social justice, and human rights as well as causes such as music and arts education in public schools, and has worked with two former Gandhi Peace Award recipients, Amnesty International (1978) and the Children’s Defense Fund (1990). He was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Music by Occidental College for “a remarkable musical career that has successfully joined an intensely personal artistry with a broader vision of social justice.” 

Several of his albums, such as Lives in the Balance, World in Motion, Looking East, andStanding in the Breach, directly challenge imperialist foreign policy, environmental short-sightedness, and corporate greed, and question the sustainability of the present civilization. The title track of Lives in the Balance calls out the “shadow on the faces / Of the men who send the guns / Of the wars that are fought in places / Where their business interest runs” in civil wars in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala. 

In response to the Three Mile Island nuclear near-catastrophe in 1979, Browne co-founded the groups Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE) and in more recent years, Nukefree.org. During the 1980s he was active in the Central America solidarity movement, co-organizing concerts in Nicaragua, Cuba, and elsewhere.  Lately he has turned his attention to the seas as a member of the advocacy group Ocean Elders

Last December Browne released “The Dreamer” a song that considers the situation of those protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Reservations are recommended for the September 14th ceremony honoring Jackson Browne with the 2018 Gandhi Peace Award and can be made at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gandhi-peace-award-2018-tickets-48315261247

For more information on Promoting Enduring Peace and the Gandhi Peace Award:

The Five Satins & New Haven, CT

I love that the Five Satins got their start in the basement of a Catholic Church in New Haven, Connecticut. I was reading the latest issue of The Catholic Transcript, which featured a front page article about the church’s role in the recording of the  Five Satins hit, “In The Still of the Night” (St. Bernadette Church takes note of its position in doo-wop history).

This building poster on Chapel Street honors New Haven notables, the Five Satins.


Wayne Escoffery Quintet – Live At Firehouse 12

I am fortunate to live close to the  jazz music scene in the city of New Haven, Connecticut. Live jazz music is featured prominently at the Firehouse 12 venue at 45 Crown Street. It has near perfect acoustics warmly accented by a wooden floor architecture in the listening room.

“The pre-eminent spot for improvised music in the region” – Nate Chinen, New York Times

Wayne Escoffery and his quintet returned last year to hometown New Haven, Connecticut to record a live performance at this site. The jazz set they performed is highlighted on the imminent album, Live At Firehouse 12. (March 4th)

Wayne Escoffery is an artist who gives back to the jazz community. Being a teacher myself I fully appreciate the teaching effort Wayne Escoffery provides his students. Wayne currently offers private saxophone lessons from his in home studio and is also available to teach Jazz ensemble classes, theory classes, Jazz improvisation classes, Humanities/Music History Courses and many other music related courses.

He is the author of “A Practical Method of Playing Changes” a method book meant as a clear and practical guide for improvising over common chords and chord progressions, and for developing fluency in all the keys. You can order his book from his Web site, http://escofferymusic.com/teaching.html#book.

Wayne Escoffery also has teaching videos at My Music Master Class.

Wayne will be a teaching artist on the saxophone at the Litchfield Jazz Camp which is held July 6-August 8, 2014. I don’t know when he is teaching during that timeframe but I do hope this means he will be performing at the Litchfield Jazz Festival August 8-10 2014. He is not presently listed but perhaps he will be appearing on the agenda. For those of you who are interested the first jazz artist lineup for the Litchfield Jazz Festival was announced yesterday February 19th.

I also noticed that Wayne Escoffery is appearing at The Side Door in Old Lyme, CT on March 1st. Tickets and more information are available here.

I hope I get to cross paths with Wayne Escoffery this year as his new album is way cool as is his catalog of recordings. I love his commitment to the craft. 🙂

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International Festival of Arts and Ideas 2013 – Greater New Haven

The International Festival of Arts and Ideas 2013 begins in 10 days on June 15th. It is an fully engaging event for New Haven and the global community. We have attended past years and love the events as patrons of the arts 🙂

Aaron Neville kicks off the free concerts on the green on Saturday night. (6/15). The concerts on the green are fun. People bring their blankets, lawn chairs and picnic baskets listening well into the evening under the open sky.

Another free musical ensemble I am interested in seeing is the Kronos Quartet with special guest Wu Man.

There will be many different events covering the arts of music, dance, theater, film, and talks. Considering attending one or more events from June 15 through June 29. You’ll be enchanted and educated trust me.

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