ZimZamZim – Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Last August I made a contribution to the Arthur Brown Pledge Music Project. I was motivated by a commitment to technology and the modern day artist’s never ending quest to create, innovate and entertain.

Arthur Brown was the first artist to use a drum machine live back in 1973 with his band Kingdom ComeThe Crazy World of Arthur Brown is again in the forefront of music technology innovation with Arthur Brown’s Psycho -sonic Thought Control Headgear. It was premiered to UK audiences on stage at the Hard Rock Hell Festival on 28th November 2013.

Arthur Brown explains the technology, ‘In relation to music, the headgear will first deal with triggering sounds by thought. It will not just trigger sounds that are preset. It will create sounds in real time just as a Theremin does, or as do the voices of a human choir. Then it will develop to include body energies. Next will come the energy of feeling. Then the sexual energies will begin to be accessed. After that, the energies of the spirit and soul will become instigators of sound. Eventually, the energies of the whole human being will be used.’

Arthur Brown’s ZimZamZim project on audio CD reached my front door step from England yesterday.


I am excited by what Arthur Brown is accomplishing. Bear with me as I digest the music, presentation etc. I plan to get back to you with an updated perspective.

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