Please Tell Us More Neil Re:Pono HiRes Streaming….

I listened with a great deal of interest to Neil Young on the Rolling Stone Magazine Now podcast. I took notes during the section that focused on Pono Music. I learned that the revised Pono Music Store will be both a download and streaming site when ready.

My question is how will we stream high-resolution audio with the existing Pono Players? Exclusive of a Pono – SmartPhone partnership or device/ existing Pono device enhancement?

Will I need to boost my ISP speed to 300MBs or more?

I researched the Internet and came up with the fact that Sony Xperia smart phones play and stream high res audio music.

The high res streaming service Qobuz (France) today streams high res. It has a limited global market (France, UK, Germany, Netherlands).

However its not streaming from Singapore…and it’s not Pono….

Hopefully Neil will further enlighten the Pono community (after all we’ve been loyal and patient) with more information about the revised Pono service after sharing that knowledge with Rolling Stone Magazine’s audience first via their podcast.

Spotify Apps

Spotify continues to lead and innovate the music-streaming experience. I am very impressed by Spotify’s Phase II strategy.

Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO states, “We’ve arrived at a crucial moment when we have both scale and momentum, and we’re getting people used to the idea again that music is worth paying for.”

The next phase of Spotify is Spotify Apps. App Finder is a dashboard that lets us lean back and sift through results of music trends in the form of rich playlists. Prominent music publications, services and blogs like Rolling Stone Magazine, Billboard,, and Pitchfork supply interpretive analytic data to us in digestible, usable form.


I especially like how nimble the HTML 5 Apps are for my use. They are definitely designed with future interactions in mind. Spotify understands the intelligence and sophistication of its hard-core subscribers. Spotify is acting as the conduit to further the relationship between rich music information sources and the ever attentive listening public.

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