The Echo Nest – The Intelligent Music Metabase Architecture

The Echo Nest continues to enhance its leadership role as the open music metabase architecture. The software engineering team is total genius. I urge you to read their latest blog post, The Future of Music Genres Is Here. Everything you thought you understood about genres of music will be blown away as you take the jump to light speed.

I have developed an appreciation for music subgenres (e.g. Main genre:Blues, subgenre: Blues Rock, Country Blues, Rhythm & Blues)  the past couple of years. Now I am able to explore and listen to 800+ music genres.

The Echo Nest approach to genres is trend-aware because their intelligent music metabase listens, analyzes, then delineates the granularity of the genre/subgenre being heard.

This is superior to the static hierarchical metabase that Gracenote supplies. I am very curious to test beatsMUSIC next week to see if they hitched their wagon to Gracenote or The Echo Nest metabase. Gracenote will make their cloud music solution “closed and fixed” vs. “open and dynamic” as The Echo Nest allows.

To get a better “visual interactive” feel for the Open Genre API Methods try playing with this “proof of concept” demonstration. I almost want to call it Mother Popcorn a.l.a. James Brown ;). Try it and you’ll see why I am thinking like that…

1) Music Popcorn

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