SpotOn Radio, You’ll Want To Be Listening ;)

I just discovered SpotOn Radio¬†from reading Spotify’s Blog. Pandora Internet Radio you’re on notice more than ever now, trust me. ūüėČ

SpotOn Radio is an innovative Apple iPhone music app. SpotOn Radio is developed and supported by the dynamic duo known as Springworks and Rebel&Bird.

SpotON Radio is free, but you need a Spotify Premium membership to use it. I just so happens I have a Spotify Premium account. ūüôā

SpotOn Radio provides personalized radio stations which springboard off Spotify’s streaming technology. It seamlessly integrates an online music service(Spotify) with the Echo Nest’s song recommendation and discovery engine.

What’s awesome about SpotOn Radio is that it adds value and dimension to my Spotify social music experience. ¬†I recently cancelled my Pandora One account. I had ¬†a twinge of regret breaking away from the music genome experience Pandora has patented.

My anxiety turned out to be a momentary concern. The Echo Nest Music API engine with 30 million songs in its database (and growing) gives SpotOn Radio a superior advantage over Pandora Internet Radio. 

The song by Chicago comes to mind here, “Only the beginning, only just the start….”

Keep your eyes and ears on SpotOn Radio and Echo Nest. The Semantic Web, Web 3.0 is in full-scale¬†music interaction now. I think that’s so cool ūüôā

Pandora Internet Radio

I re-established my listening relationship with Pandora Internet Radio¬†today. My students have been raving¬†about the music they are hearing on Pandora and they have been urging me to plug back in. So I did ūüėČ

I was an early adopter of Pandora’s Music Genome Project. I listened for awhile, periodically, but never steady. There are many music inputs I tune into, Sirius Satellite Radio, iTunes, Zune, Rolling Stone¬†magazine, Jazz Times magazien¬†and my CD collection. These inputs are my centricity and actively drive my ever-evolving music listening habits.

I am favorably impressed with the user experience revisions they have made to their Web site.   I am enjoying the interaction levels with My Profile.  I upgraded to an annual membership at $36 a year. Its worth one thin dime a day to be Ad free and support what Pandora is doing. I know they have secured funding  from Crosslink to the tune of $33 million but each subscriber helps to pay the freight.

Pandora continue to wow and educate me as a music listener.  Tim Westergren I am so proud that you persevered when many people were counting you and your business model out.