Concert Review: Santana and Rod Stewart, Mohegan Sun, May 25, 2014

The last time I saw Santana live was during their co-headliner tour with the Allman Bros. in July of 2012. The band’s trend of co-headlining East Coast concerts continues this year with Santana teaming up with Rod Stewart.

I go way back in concert with each of these legendary artists. I first caught Rod Stewart as lead vocalist with the Jeff Beck Group at the Fillmore East on July 3, 1969. I then saw Santana for the first time live the following year, November 14, 1970 at the Capitol Theatre in Portchester, New York. What’s interesting about both artists is that there was a significant gap in time before I saw either of them again. I re engaged with Santana in August of 2002 (a 32 year gap). I have since seen Santana perform live an extra 19 times (21 Santana concerts in 44 years, 20 of those shows in the past 12 years). I had not seen Rod Stewart perform in 45 years. So let’s do the time warp again ūüėČ

The concert was billed as The Voice, The Guitar and The Songs, Rod Stewart, Santana. The Santana band was the opening act. It’s important to note that this is not the Santana¬†Corazon¬†Tour. If you look at the Website you will notice that the Santana Tour dates reflect two different tours, the dates with Rod Stewart and the Corazon Tour.




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Gregg Rolie, Ringo Starr 2014 All Star Band Tour

We have seen Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band three times live at Mohegan Sun Casino Arena. It’s always a fun evening as the All Starrs’ perform their hits with Ringo Starr as the centerpiece artist.

Here is the promotional tour video for this year’s North America events. The Connecticut stop is the Toyota Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford on June 14, 2014.

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The O’Jays Love Train at Mohegan Sun Casino Arena

We are¬†invited to a private show featuring the O’Jays at the Mohegan Sun Casino Arena later this month. We are excited to witness live the Philadelphia Soul sounds classically forged by the O’Jays and¬†Gamble and Huff,¬†an American¬†songwriting¬†and¬†record production¬†team who have written and produced over 170¬†gold and platinum records!

Can’t wait to join hands and board the Love Train.

Once Upon A Dream – The Rascals, Mohegan Sun Casino Arena, 8/30/13

My favorite American rock and roll band is The Rascals. They are the band of my youth. I bought every LP they recorded. When I look back The Rascals dominated my collection and hi-fi phonograph ūüôā

Thanks to Steven Van Zandt and his wife Maureen, The Rascals are performing together once again in the BioConcert, Once Upon A Dream.

My wife and I were fortunate to see the inception of The Rascals BioConcert at the rock hall we’ve always loved, The Capitol Theatre in Portchester, NY on December 15, 2012. It was an incredible night to see our heroes performing together. Off to our left was Steven Van Zandt absorbed in watching the production. He is the ultimate fan and his influence with the four Rascals was instrumental in their reformation.

We are excited to have a second opportunity to see The Rascals in¬†Once Upon A Dream¬†for free by invitation at Mohegan Sun Casino Arena. It is a rewarding feeling to receive this honor especially when Mohegan Sun is our number one concert venue. We have seen more concerts at Mohegan Sun than anywhere else. ¬†The Capitol Theatre is our second most attended venue ¬†and where our love affair with rock music took root ūüėČ

Dion at Mohegan Sun Casino Arena

The free music weekend continues. Today we are invited to attend a private event for free at Mohegan Sun Casino Arena to see Dion, a true legend. I’m excited to hear what selections he will perform. We’ve never seen him live before so this should be a real treat. ūüôā

Thank you Mohegan Sun management for extending us this wonderful concert opportunity.

English: Dion DiMucci performing onstage in Ne...
English: Dion DiMucci performing onstage in New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Concert Review: Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Mohegan Sun, May 4, 2013

Last night we ventured up the interstate to Mohegan Sun Casino to commune with our favorite rock and roller, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band. Bob never disappoints us. This was our fourth Bob Seger concert in 17 years. I have been a Bob Seger fan since 1968 ;). Inside the music of our heart that translates to 45 years of wonderful music. Amazingly he showed no signs of stopping last night but it is imminent that he will retire in a few years.

My favorite moment of the night was when Bob said, “Okay, We go back to Live Bullet“, one of the best live rock albums of all time, bar none. He dug down deep transporting us back to Cobo Hall in Detroit Michigan, 1975. Bob and the Silver Bullet performed the connected songs, “Travelin Man” and “Beautiful Loser”. It was better than the original live recording. I became transfixed by the timeless passion he raised through these two songs.

He showcased two new songs from his forthcoming studio album that he projects will¬†release August-September 2013, “All the Roads” and “California Stars”. Bob performed them seated at center stage with an acoustic guitar. When can I place my pre-order Capitol Records? C’mon. c’mon, c’mon ūüėČ

I especially liked the song, “California Stars”, ¬†with lyrics by Woody Guthrie. I urge the reader of this blog post to have a listen on Spotify to and then read up on the Nora Guthrie project,¬†Mermaid Avenue.¬†¬†Bob Seger has been majorly ¬†influenced by Billy Bragg, Wilco and the memory of Woody Guthrie. I find Bob Seger’s country songs are perhaps his most heartfelt musical moments, as he shares his deep love for country music.

Bob Seger commented to the fans holding up “Happy Birthday Bob” birthday signs that his birthday was on Monday May 6th. He thanked them for recognizing the event ahead of time. He then stated, “I’m going to be 68 and I feel good.” Intuitively he followed those remarks with “Rock and Roll Never Forgets”, the last song of the night.

We left the arena feeling great about the legend, the person, Bob Seger. There were couples dancing in the hallway as we walked out with the night moves.

Set List:

  1. Long Twin Silver Line
  2. Tryin’ to Live My Life Without You
    (Written by Eugene Williams and Originally performed by soul singer, Otis Clay )
  3. The Fire Down Below
  4. Mainstreet
  5. Old Time Rock & Roll
  6. Her Strut
  7. Like a Rock
  8. Travelin’ Man/Beautiful Loser
  9. Roll Me Away
  10. Come To Poppa
    (Willie Mitchell cover)
  11. California Stars
    (Lyrics by Woody Guthrie, Song: Billy Bragg/Wilco)
  12. We’ve Got Tonight
  13. Turn the Page
  14. Sunspot Baby
  15. Katmandu

Encore #1

  1. Against the Wind
  2. Night Moves

Encore #2

  1. Hollywood Nights
  2. Rock and Roll Never Forgets


The Concert Slut Scores Twice in One Morning!

The concert portfolio for 2013 begins to materialize as ticket sales for artist tours gets seriously underway. There are two hot May Rock concerts happening the same week in Connecticut. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band on Saturday May 4th at Mohegan Sun Casino Arena and ZZ Top at Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford on Wednesday May 8th.

My close friends know how much of a concert slut I am ūüėČ I have attended on average the past 11 years 20+ concerts a year. I am getting close to the 400 concerts milestone with 44 years of live performances attended.¬†I added these two concerts to that illustrious list of live shows.

1) ZZ Top – La Futura Tour

Its hard to believe that after 40 years we have never seen ZZ Top Live in concert. I knew I had to fix that. That Lil Ol Band From Texas that I first heard and played on college FM radio has a special place in the music of our heart. In 1973 even though we were a college radio station we had a playlist we had to choose and play music from every time we were on the air. I never argued about playing ZZ Top’s¬†Tres Hombres from that list.

Be it “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers” or “La Grange” or “Jesus Just Left Chicago” those songs just snap, crackled and popped. I love a power trio group. First there was the super group Cream, followed by the American band Grand Funk Railroad, then ZZ Top. Three musicians creating a crescendo of sound.

They have released 15 studio albums, 8 compilation albums, and 42 singles.  ZZ Top has sold over 25 million albums in the US with additional sales internationally. I thought they had sold more product than that but 25 million is very respectable.

I will have to buy some earplugs because we are dead center in the eight row, psyche!

2) Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

I am a stone cold Seger fan. I have loved the Bob Seger sound ever since Ramblin Gamblin in 1968.

We have seen Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band several times in concert in 17 years. He is tops in our books. The last Connecticut concert date was our first Bob Seger concert, the Hartford Civic Center in 1996. We next saw Bob Seger in 2007 at Madison Square Garden. The last time we caught Bob Seger and company was in Atlantic City, NJ in April of 2011. The Mohegan Sun Show in May will be our 4th Seger concert, that’s how much we love him and his music.

What can you say about one of the best singer/songwriters of our generation. He is Motor City Rock and Roll and so much more.

Now about that new studio album Bob? I’m sure we’ll love it when its time for you to release it.

Beach Boys Appearing This Saturday at Mohegan Sun

We are excited to attend The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour at Mohegan Sun Casino Arena on Saturday, May 12th. (Sold Out!)

Should be a rocking time with classic hits from America’s greatest group. Here is a snapshot of the concert poster I took on my iPhone from the Mohegan Sun Electronic Poster Board.

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