Mountain – Nantucket Sleighride

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I am a descendant of a family who has roots in the whaling community known as New Bedford, Massachusetts. My grandmother and father moved from New Bedford, Mass. in the early 20th century to Norwalk, Connecticut (Norwalk had the largest fleet of steam-powered oyster boats in the world). My father’s father moved the family to Norwalk, Connecticut so he could earn a living as a street car conductor for the trolley line.

When I was a junior at Brien McMahon High School, I learned about American novelists in English literature. My favorite novel was Moby Dick by Herman Melville. I need to get a copy of that novel and read it again. I loved the whaling story, the symbolism of the great white whale, Captain Ahab and Queequeg the tattooed harpoonist.

A couple of years later (January 1971) the hard rock band, Mountain, released their second studio album, Nantucket Sleighride. I can still recall Scott Muni a true visionary disk jockey on WNEW-FM 102.7 priemering this thematic recording on his afternoon show. It was a powerful rock album that told a seafaring story.

Nantucket Sleighride is my favorite Mountain album. There are many gem tracks to savor on this recording. Below is a copy of the CD cover of Nantucket Sleighride that Leslie West and Corky Laing signed for me after their thirtieth anniversary concert at the Ridgefield Playhouse, in Ridgefield, Ct.

I’ve always felt that Nantucket Sleighride was Felix Pappalardi‘s finest production and musical contribution( Pappalardi played bass, rhythm guitar, piano, vocals on the recording). Granted Pappalardi played a major role in shaping the sound that Cream established as a blues rock super group in his production on Disreali Gears and Wheels of Fire.

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