Paul Allen Joins Rock n Roll Heaven

I was sad to learn of Paul Allen’s passing today.

We visited the Experience Music Project (MoPop) several times in Seattle in past years. Paul Allen’s affinity and love for Jimi Hendrix was always evident.

I know they’re jamming in heaven right now.

Excuse them while they kiss the sky!

Bloom Open Space, A Mixed Reality Installation by Brian Eno + Peter Chilvers

Bloom: Open Space,” is an art and music installation created by the influential producer and music pioneer Brian Eno and his frequent collaborator, the musician and software designer Peter Chilvers. It was situated inside an enormous warehouse in the Westergasfabriek, a city park and cultural complex in Amsterdam that was once a gas factory from February 21-25, 2018.

Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers are among the first major musical artists to explore the artistic potential of immersive technologies developed primarily for the video game industry. Other musicians, such as Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Tarik Barri, are entering this “immersive” realm, using tools such as virtual reality headsets, holographic mixed-reality goggles, and immersive surround-sound systems.



Bloom: Open Space, is a generative audio-visual installation brought to life with Microsoft HoloLens. Based on the award-winning app, Bloom, from the innovative mixed reality installation blurs the lines between the physical and virtual, exploring uncharted territory in the realms of both applications and generative art.

Ideas at the intersection of music and technology, you will find Microsoft’s MusicXTech. Discover forward-thinking artists who are using Microsoft technology to transform the way we create and experience music.

Joshua Tree to the Power of Three

There is a saying, “Good Things Come In Threes”. The power of three was my revelation today. My first Joshua Tree interaction was today’s Momentum backdrop in the Google Chrome Browser. The second interaction was notification of the online tickets sale for the U2 Joshua Tree Tour. I flashed on how my son and I had seen the U2 2001 Elevation Tour which kicked off my attending 300+ concerts in 15 subsequent years. The third Joshua Tree interaction was to discover Childish Gambino’s collaboration with Microsoft in the desert.

I have to say what Childish Gambino, Microsoft, and Wolf + Rothstein have accomplished together is totally compelling. It will become my entrance ramp into Virtual Reality. The Microsoft Music x Technology ushers in the interactive, VR, immersive entertainment experience. I urge you to download the Pharos.Earth iPhone/Android app and if you don’t have a mobile VR headset, plug headphones into your smart phone for the fullest immersion. It is a 360 app that takes you to the Joshua Tree at night to witness Childish Gambino and his band performing “Me and Your Mama” Live. I loved holding my iPhone 6 listening through Beats headphones staring up at the stars in the Desert Sky.

Visit the Microsoft News page to learn more about how this innovative collaboration project innovates through artist and fan with audio/visual immersion.   As a music technologist, I am encouraged by what the Microsoft Music X Team is accomplishing.

I am interested in Childish Gambino’s Vinyl edition Box Set of Awaken, My Love for it contains:
exclusive booklet
-2 180 gram 45 RPM LPs
– a Virtual Reality headset
instructions to get access to exclusive virtual reality live performances from the PHAROS Experience

Told you this was the year of Vinyl 😉

Bumbershoot 2013

Seattle is our second favorite city after New York City. I have been there twelve times. I started visiting Seattle when I worked for Microsoft in 1992. My wife and I adore the city especially the topography and the Four Seasons Hotel. The arts scene there is vibrant and embracing.

Bumbershoot: Seattle’s Music and Arts Festival will be hosting a gangbuster Bumbershoot 2013. Take a look at the lineup below and then navigate to the Bumbershoot Website to increase your knowledge about this way cool event.

Bumbershoot takes place at the Seattle Center which is complete with a Monorail system, the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project. I find this spot reminiscent of the New York Worlds Fair site.

Adding Bumbershoot 2013 as a strong possible to the wish list in the music of our heart.

Apple iTunes Responsive Design

Apple updated iTunes today with their interpretation of responsive Web design. Download the latest Apple iTunes UX (user experience design) and learn why Apple continues to set direction in interface innovation.

I am especially impressed with how seamless iCloud has become in accessing content on all your devices (Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch). Try that XBox Music with Skydrive, oh wait the cloud locker feature across the same list of devices  is a Microsoft “future” deliverable…

View what has the Music Of Our Heart energized about Apple iTunes 11 vs. stifling yawns with Microsoft’s XBox Music…

I mean really “Who Wants Yesterday’s Papers?”

Jim Allchin – Guitarist

Imagine my surprise when I discovered what Jim Allchin has been up to since he left Microsoft Corporation. He is focusing his energies as a professional musician.

One thing I can say about Jim Allchin, whatever he puts his mind towards he accomplishes with monumental results. I worked at Microsoft Corporation when Jim Allchin joined the company. As a Microsoft Systems Engineer who joined Microsoft to evangelize advanced technology platforms I was zealous about his vision for the Cairo operating system team. I marveled at what Cairo would deliver to the world of computing.

This wasn’t the first time Jim Allchin had created a formidable impression in software architecture circles. He exuded vision and excellence in distributed object-oriented operating systems as early as 1983. While studying towards a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology in the early eighties, he was the architect of the Clouds distributed object-oriented operating system;[4] his thesis was entitled “An Architecture for Reliable Decentralized Systems”.[5]

Coincidentally a joint project known as Project Athena was formed between MIT, Digital Equipment Corporation and IBM in 1983. (The same year that I joined DEC as a software specialist.) Its goal was to achieve interoperability between distributed platforms. While this project was underway, Jim Allchin was principal architect for the Banyan VINES distributed operating system with a central technology known as Street Talk. Street Talk was an X.500 directory protocol. An amazing feat for a microcomputer platform at that time.

So you can see why I am keenly interested in the music Jim Allchin architects and plays. My career has moved in parallel with Jim’s technological vision.  It stands to reason that the music he performs and plays enhances my listening satisfaction. I am always on the lookout for  innovation coupled with sincerity.

I have happily found that combination in Jim Allchin’s latest recording, Overclocked. Jim Allchin turns the heat up on the blues like nobody’s business. I listened to the tracks today on the music player on his Web site. They are as you would expect, excellent articulation with one of the cleanest engineered productions my ears have heard in some time.

But just don’t take my word for the excellence of Jim Allchin’s guitar work. Browse on over and listen yourself. It won’t take you long to believe in what Jim Allchin is accomplishing.

I am adding Overclocked to my purchase list. Thanks for all you’ve added to my life Jim. I am very grateful for all your engineered contributions.

WordPress Blogging Tools

The Windows Live Writer logo.
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As I increase my blogging expertise I continue to discover blogging tools of merit.

The first blogging tool I would like to share with you is Zemanta. Zemanta is an extension to Google Chrome and Firefox. When you are working inside of your WordPress account creating a blog, Zemanta activates alongside and underneath your blog post. Zemanta adds great value as it saves you opening another browser tab to find an image for your post. Zemanta provides images for you to choose from as thumbnails. It also simplifies the hyperlink option by providing a nice list of suggested hyperlinks based upon the text of your flowing blog post.

The second blogging tool that I am rejuvenated about is Windows Live Writer, which I am using to create this blog post :). Windows Live Writer is a well written blogging front end tool that interprets form and function on behalf of the blogger. As I test and utilize the newest edition of Windows Live Writer I will share back here what I have discovered.

The great news is that you can use Zemanta and Windows Live Writer together! Zemanta has a Windows Live Writer PlugIn.

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