Michael Jackson – Slave To The Rhythm

Thank you Billboard Music Awards and the company that created this wonderful hologram of Michael Jackson. It’s an amazing performance that enlivened the music of our heart for the King of Pop!

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Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake – Love Never Felt So Good

It’s so heartwarming to have Michael Jackson back with us. I love the digital duet of Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson  as it dances around the music of our heart 🙂

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Fingers Crossed The Jackson Estate Says Yes

I am elated to discover from Classic Rock Magazine that vault tracks featuring two of the greatest vocalists of all time have been unearthed and are being polished to perfection. Imagine a duet of Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson backed by Brian May and Roger Taylor (Queen). I truly hope the Jackson Estate gives their stamp of approval to the release of these studio recordings for fans around the world to cherish.

In 1983, Freddie Mercury recorded some tracks with Michael Jackson that have remained in Queen‘s vault. Now, drummer Roger Taylor tells us that he and Brian May have completed them, and the songs will see the light of day, pending approval from Jackson’s estate.

“Brian especially has been active working on old tracks,” he told Classic Rock Magazine. “A couple of tracks that Freddie did with Michael Jackson…They’ve been hanging around for years and years and Michael’s estate haven’t really been able to make their mind up about what to do with them. So we suggested we finish them and see. They’re pretty good – one of them is great.”

Rock Music Photographers, A-Z, Michael Ochs

Michael Ochs is an American photographic archivist best known for his extensive collection of pictures related to rock music dating back to the 1950s and 1960s. The Los Angeles Times calls Ochs “America’s preeminent rock ‘n’ roll photo archivist”[2] and described his archive as “the dominant force in the rock image marketplace”;[3] The New York Times called it “the premier source of musician photography in the world”.[1] 

Book: Rock Archives: A Photographic Journey Through the First Two Decades of Rock and Roll

We miss you Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson‘s death. His talent was phenomenal. I was so saddened to learn he was assassinated by his physician. His death was so reminiscent of Elvis Presley‘s death in that those he trusted allowed for his destruction.

When I watch This Is It I feel his joy and rapture for performing. His artistry will never be equaled.

I miss his magic and sincerity very, very much.

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