Heart – Beautiful Broken

These ladies so rock! Pumped to have Heart‘s 16th album, Beautiful Broken which dropped yesterday. Totally cool that James Hetfield of Metallica helps drive the title track.

Kudos to co-producers Nancy Wilson and Heart bassist Dan Rothchild love the gritty sound.

My favorite track after the first listen is “Heaven”.


Props To Metallica, Our Record Store Day 2016 Ambassador

This is HUGE! I am excited to share with my readers that Metallica has been chosen as Record Store Day 2016 Ambassador. Record Store Day 2016 will take place on Saturday April 16, 2016. 

For Record Store Day 2016, Metallica’s official release will be a special live CD, Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Metallica! – Live at Le Bataclan. Paris, France – June 11th, 2003, a live concert recording from the Paris theatre that became the focus of the world in November 2015.

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Metallica! – Live at Le Bataclan. Paris, France – June 11th, 2003 Track List:

1. “The Four Horsemen”
2. “Leper Messiah”
3. “No Remorse”
4. “Fade to Black”
5. “Frantic”
6. “Ride the Lightning”
7. “Blackened”
8. “Seek and Destroy”
9. “Damage, Inc.”

The Metallica specialty release allows the charitable donation of its proceeds to go to the Fondation de France’s Give For France Charity. This all fits into a larger theme for Record Store Day 2016 underscoring the relationship between U.S. record stores and our French counterparts, between Record Store Day and Disquaire Day, and between music/arts loving human beings in the United States, France and the World!



Metallica also discusses in the RSD 2016 video the upcoming deluxe reissues of their first two albums, Kill ‘Em All and Ride the Lightning, which feature previously unreleased demos, full live concerts and more. Those reissues will  drop the day before, April 15th.

Lots to look forward to about Record Store Day 2016. Additional details to follow. Heavy Metal and Vinyl Lovers Unite!

Enter Deep Purple In The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Already!

It is a tragic error that Deep Purple is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Critics be damned enter this seminal heavy metal band already! One listen to any of their mega hits should tell you why they deserve to be included.

I was pleased to learn that Lars Ulrich of Metallica is actively working on making this happen. According to the Deep Purple Web Site:

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich last year told writer Peter Makowski that he is working on getting his all-time favorite band, DEEP PURPLE, a long-overdue spot in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Asked why the creators of “Smoke On The Water” were not in there yet, Ulrich said, “What you’ve got to understand is that a lot of the people that have run the selection process are critics, and DEEP PURPLE, as you know, were never a critic’s band — especially in America, because their influence was probably felt more in Europe.”

But Ulrich added, “It’s only a matter of time. Rather sooner than later. We’ve already lost one member. The fact that LED ZEPPELIN and BLACK SABBATH are in and PURPLE is not is one of the crimes of that whole institution. We’ll get them in soon enough. I’m working on it.”


Founding PURPLE keyboardist Jon Lord passed away in July 2012. Ulrich, who wrote a tribute to Lord on METALLICA’s web site, told Makowski, “I’m not sure that the people in today’s hard rock world really truly understand how innovative this guy was . . . he really did something nobody had done before with the sound of the keyboards and I think that’s probably the biggest thing to remember him for.”

Metallica – Enter Sandman

I am thankful to have seen Metallica perform, “Enter Sandman” at the 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concerts, October 30, 2009. They really raised the roof that night. Such raw, powerful energy. It is their signature song.

I loved the footage of NY Yankees Mariano Rivera running out from the bullpen in centerfield at Yankee Stadium behind them as they played Classic.

Uncut Magazine has an article about “The Making of…Metallica’s Enter Sandman”.

Feel free to read it here, http://www.uncut.co.uk/the-making-of-metallica-s-enter-sandman-feature

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Metallica Through The Never In 3D Blu Ray

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men often go awry – Robert Burns (1786), poem To A Mouse

Last September I mentioned I was intent upon seeing the Metallica movie, Through The Never at an iMax 3D theatre in my market. I never ended up seeing that movie.

However I have a second chance at this option due to the fact that I now have a Sony 61″ 3D TV and a Sony Blu Ray Home Theatre with 3D glasses. Metallica through their Blackened Recordings label will release to the market on January 28th a 3D Blu Ray Home Edition.

I now have another opportunity to watch Metallica Loud! in 3D Blu Ray from the comfort of my living room. Hey Now as Howard Stern would say 😉


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Metallica – Through The Never – IMAX3D

One of the most powerful bands I have ever seen live is Metallica. I will never forget the night at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert when the stage turned around and we saw the arsenal of equipment Metallica was going to play through for us. It was the size of a city block to us.

The force of their music physically lifted me out of my seat. I was energized like no band has done for me live before or since.

The Metallica movie, Through The Never is invigorating me to go see this event. I hope to be sitting in front of an IMAX 3D screen this weekend if I’m lucky….

Eureka Metallica Forges Their Independence

I am reminded by the revealing 2004 documentary movie, Some Kind of Monster, that Metallica was forced to examine the nature of their very existence.  Soul searching can sometimes prove beneficial when it comes to shedding skin and replenishing your mission.

Last week I wrote about Spotify, Sean Parker and Metallica forming a new understanding with each other. Metallica’s entire back catalog became available for listening on the Spotify cloud. This set the stage for a monumental  announcement the very next day.

Metallica announced that were now are an independent band with their own label, Blackened Recordings.

From now onevery Metallica project from future studio albums to reissues will be released via Blackened. The label will even boast its own in-house marketing and promotion staff and will be distributed by WMG reissue subsidiary Rhino Entertainment. Blackened Recordings will also license their releases to Universal Music Group internationally

Blackened Recordings was created by Metallica as a home for all of their recordings, both audio and visual, and anything else that suits them.

“We would like to thank everyone at the Warner Music Group for 28 years of a fantastic relationship, particularly since 1994 where we truly felt we had partners in every aspect of our business in North America,” said Metallica frontman James Hetfield.

“It’s always been about control for us as a band,” said Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.  “Forming Blackened Recordings is the ultimate in independence, giving us 100% control and putting us in the driver’s seat of our own creative destiny.”

The first Metallica Blackened Recordings product is a live concert DVD called Quebec Magnetic, two World Magnetic Tour live shows from Quebec City in the fall of 2009. In typical fan focused fashion  the set list for Quebec Magnetic was voted on by 35,000+ fans at Metallica.com a couple of months back.


Spotify Continues to Kick Butt and Take Names

Spotify announced two new features the Discover and Follow Tabs (and more) today that continue to separate them from their competition.

For a look at the screen shots of the next version of Spotify look here. I urge you to browse the evolver.fm Website to view the most comprehensive coverage about Spotify’s announcement in New York City today.

Watch this video about these soon to be available Spotify features (early 2013…)

Oh and Spotify Just Got Louder as Lars Ulrich from Metallica showed up to let Sean Parker know there were no hard feelings over Napster 😉

Lars Ulrich, Howard Stern Discuss Lulu, Closing Track “Junior Dad”

Lars Ulrich phoned in to Howard Stern‘s show today. They discussed in detail the Lou Reed & Metallica collaboration, Lulu.

Howard Stern corrected his earlier misinterpretation of Lulu:

Howard took the opportunity to commend (unlike many critics*) the band’s recent album, “Lulu,” a collaborative effort with Lou Reed–particularly “Junior Dad”, the album’s 20-minute final track: “I started crying. It got me. I loved it–no bullshit!”
Lars laughed that Howard wasn’t the only one: “You should have seen grown men cry out in the studio when we were recording it. I’m telling you, I’ve been with James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett for close to 20 years and I’ve never seen them cry before. It was amazing. It was truly moving.”
*Uncut gave the record a positive review,[34] singling out the album closer “Junior Dad” for praise and calling it “breathtaking” and “astonishing”, a “perfect ending to the most extraordinary, passionate and just plain brilliant record either participant has made for a long while.”
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