Everyday I Write The Book

I’ve given serious thought to creating a music book blog. If I retired tomorrow, the first activity I would embrace is reading the music books I have and collecting the new music books being authored. I am in the midst of rebuilding my music book library in my home office. Expect a picture of that library as my header on this blog ūüėČ

I read yesterday on Pitchfork that Elvis Costello has announced his memoir, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink. The book will be a 352 page autobiography from Penguin Group (Blue Rider Press). It is due to be released on October 13th, 2015.


The long-awaited, unconventional but indelible memoir by one of the music world’s greatest and most influential songwriters and performers, Elvis Costello.

From his release, with The Attractions, of My Aim is True in 1976, Elvis Costello has been one of the most popular and genre-bending entertainers of our era. Born to a musical family outside of London and relocated to Liverpool, Costello created his own form of punk, became one of the first artists to exploit the newly-burgeoning MTV-Video world and managed to make himself a huge reputation in the UK and the U.S. through both his catchy tunes, provocative, poetic lyrics and more than a few instances of bad behavior. Now, having just turned sixty, Elvis is in the pantheon of elder statesmen musician/rockers, collaborating often with the likes of Paul McCartney, great ballet and opera companies, hip-hop groups, jazz ensembles while appearing frequently in venues like Carnegie Hall and on shows like David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon.

This is his story, written himself, rich with anecdotes about family and fellow musicians, introspective about the creation of his famous songs. – Penguin.Com

Pete Townshend’s Memoir – Who I Am

My next audio CD read will be Pete Townshend’s memoir¬†Who I Am. ¬†Last week I completed Neil Young‘s¬†Waging Heavy Peace¬†on audio CD. It was a thoroughly engaging book.

Pete Townshend is the narrator which greatly personalize’s the literary experience.


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