ArtistShare Is Widening Its Brand with Fan Funded

I am a very active patron of the arts. I supported ArtistShare before I participated on Kickstarter, Pledge Music and Indiegogo. My fan funding experience started with Maria Schneider’s Sky Blue project in 2007. I continue to support Maria Schneider’s compositions to this day.

Eight years since I discovered ArtistShare fan funding, crowd funding has firmly established itself as the preferred model for financing projects.


It’s great to see artistShare increasing its brand. ArtistShare® – First in Fan Funding ®, Powered by Fan Funded ®. I registered with Fan Funded to learn more about the revised strategy.

I will follow up with more details my attentive readers when Fan Funded updates everyone.

Maria Schneider, Dawn Upshaw – Winter Morning Walks

ArtistShareThe music of our heart takes an intellectual turn as we herald Winter  Morning Walks an Artist Share project from major composer Maria Schneider and soprano Dawn Upshaw.

This is Maria Schneider’s first recording with major orchestras and features two commissioned works composed and conducted by Schneider with The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and Australian Chamber Orchestra, and poetry by Ted Kooser and Carlos Drummond de Andrade. The album blurs the line between classical and jazz, with touches of avant-garde and pop sensibilities.

“Lyrical, flowing, intimately expressive, with all the elements of words, music, voice and instruments in a seamless blend, this is music to fall in love with the first time – then immediately want to hear again.” –John Montanari, NPR (New England Public Radio)


artistShare – Maria Schneider’s New Project

One of my favorite artistic initiatives is the collaborative organization known as artistShare. It allows music fans to contribute to the development of an artist’s musical composition and production. I love this option as a patron of the arts. I have supported five previous projects on artistShare. I believe strongly in what Maria Schneider and artistShare are achieving for the arts.

Maria Schneider

Maria Schneider is embarking on a new Spring 2012 artistShare commission project. Her new orchestral work will have its world première at the Newport Jazz Festival on August 5, 2012.

My wife and I are planning to attend the Newport Jazz Festival for the first time in 2012. It is karma that we will be able to witness the Maria Schneider Orchestra performing live at that event.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you in your new project Maria.

Remembering Bob Brookmeyer

I received an e-mail from Maria Schneider yesterday informing me of the death of jazz composer, Bob Brookmeyer. I was very moved by Maria Schneider’s sentiment for Bob Brookmeyer. This is what Maria Schneider wrote:

Dear Ed,
It’s with great sadness that I share news of Bob Brookmeyer’s death.  I’ve loved Bob’s compositions and arrangements and his playing since the moment I first heard his music in the ’70s.  It turned my life around.  Bob became a wonderful teacher, mentor and dear friend.  And he was enormously generous to those lucky enough to be his friend.

Oddly, Bob’s newest recording came out last week–an astoundingly beautiful vocal album of arrangements where every cut is a perfect gem.  It’s one of those that you just want to listen to again and again.  I’ve received calls from Jim Hall, Scott Robinson–numerous musicians who are in disbelief at the depth of it.  His musicians give a spectacular performance that’s vividly full of love.  I was asked by Bob to write the liner notes, which was easy to do, and at one point I wrote:

“… there are two silent gaps that come near the end of this arrangement that are almost painful they’re so sudden.  It leaves you scared it’s over.  What a wonderful feeling to not want it to be over.”

The same could be said by all of us about Bob and his music.  It’s so sad there won’t be more.  On the other hand, what a gift Bob has been giving us all for decades.  There’s so much to be grateful for.  And here is one final, spectacular little gem that he’s left with us.

Thank you, Bob.  What a life!  What an incredible life.  Thank you for making this world a better place.  You will be deeply missed.

Wishes of love, peace and happiness for your holidays.

To be very honest until Maria Schneider’s e-mail I wasn’t aware of Bob Brookmeyer in the theater of jazz. I have made it a point to correct that grievous error.

I have purchased and downloaded from artistShare (an organization I support and believe in strongly, again thanks to Maria Schneider) Bob Brookmeyer’s recording Standards. It is a breathtaking work that you owe it to yourself to own and learn from..

We are very fortunate to have been left with Bob Brookmeyer’s legacy of jazz music. I count myself among the newly blessed to know him and his gift of music. God bless your soul Bob Brookmeyer.

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