The Who Quadrophenia, Live In London – My Next Blu-Ray DVD!

The Who, Quadrophenia, Live In London 

This is without question the next live music concert for my collection. It will play brilliantly on the Sony Hi-Def TV and through the Sony Blu-Ray Home Theatre.

I was unable to catch The Who Quadrophenia Live concert tour in 2012 so let Love Reign O’er Me this way 😉


iTunes Festival 2013

The iTunes Festival 2013 will take place in London. It will also be a global Webcast live event every evening in the month of September via Apple streaming services.

The festival demonstrates the major bargaining power Apple has with artists, labels and venue.

In September, stream the shows—live or after the performances—for free with the official app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, on your computer with iTunes, or on your big screen with Apple TV.

More information available here:

Coca-Cola Music and Spotify, A Strategic Partnership

The Olympic Games begin on July 27, a scant six days from now. Coca-Cola has a long-standing history with the Olympics. They are the longest continuous sponsor of the Olympics since 1928. The world will be focused on London, England and international competition. The purpose of this blog post is to share what is known about the strategic partnership between Coca-Cola and Spotify.

The London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games unites us all. I love that music plays a strategic role in motivating us for the  Olympiad. Every time I see the  London Calling  commercial by British Airways I bristle with anticipation. It’s raised The Clash, “The Only Band That Matters” to a new level with a new audience. Here is the UK version… (Go Team USA!)

The Olympics opening ceremony will be closed out by Paul McCartney. This video from Paul is a great tongue in cheek about the pull the plug curfew incident.

Before I digress any further about the Olympics and music, let me get back to the reason for this blog post. Yesterday we celebrated Spotify’s First Year Birthday in the U.S.A. I discovered during my research that a strategic partnership has formed between Coca-Cola and Spotify. I find this partnership appealing on multiple levels.

Under the terms of the agreement, Spotify will be the key underlying technology for Coca-Cola Music globally, supporting the brand’s mission to give consumers universal access to music. In addition, Coca-Cola will integrate Spotify into its Facebook presence and Timeline, creating a seamless social music experience. This partnership takes advantage of the existing Spotify relationship with Facebook and the Coca-Cola Facebook audience of over 40 million fans to create a social experience that will reach millions of interconnected consumers around the world.

According to Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, “Spotify and Coca-Cola both believe that music, technology and creativity can connect people around the globe.”

The main level of appeal for me is the technology initiative between the two companies. I teach an ethical hacking course and I am learning that music hack events (called hackdens, hackjams, hackathons) abound these days. The video from the Coca-Cola Press Center shows how energized Spotify & Coca-Cola and hackers got with their April 14-15 2012 hackden in New York City (if only I had known….)

The winning software development team was London Calling. The new app will be unveiled for the 2012 Olympics in London. Musicofourheart will get back to you when the app launches!

Highlights of the Emerson, Lake and Palmer, 40th Anniversary Reunion Concert DVD

We watched the Concert One Limited, Emerson Lake & Palmer, 40th Anniversary Reunion Concert DVD the other night. It was filmed at the High Voltage Festival, on July 25th, 2010 at Victoria Park in London, England.

We found the live concert video to be an exciting visual experience. Rent or own it to learn more.