Deep Purple and Judas Priest 2018 Tour!

Yesterday I published a post about Deep Purple. As synchronicity would have it, sitting in my Gmail Inbox was this tour announcement. I love the double bill.

Click on the image for tour details. and Rock On with your bad self!

Don’t feed the scalpers. Defeat the bots.

No Ticket Resales
No Ticket Resales (Photo credit: veggiefrog)

I have attended concerts and live events for 43 years now. I have been to almost 500 concert events in my life.

I have NEVER paid a scalper or secondary ticket seller for a ticket and I am NOT about to now. I get ill when I see what this market attempts to extort from the concert buying public. The sad part is that people pay these prices, shaking my head at this….

I never pay MORE than face value plus service charges for my tickets. Granted I have incurred extra fees such as fan club/venue memberships for some venues (which will discount the face value 5-10%). But I don’t support the business practice of scalping and secondary ticket selling. Its profiteering and its wrong.

You owe it to yourself to read this two-part article about the ticketing crisis in this week’s Billboard Magazine. There is a special interview with Michael Rapino, CEO with Live Nation.

The bottom line with companies like StubHub and other ticket brokers is NOT to buy from them. I have a very simple but firm policy when it comes to concert ticket purchasing. I pay face value (plus incidental fees) or I DON’T GO. It’s that binary and absolute a decision for me.

You can stop this practice of ticket extortion by just saying NO to scalpers.  No matter how badly you want to be there. Don’t be exploited by these companies predatory practices. Only you can prevent ticket scalping by refusing to pay the predators.

Van Halen Tour and New Album – The Excitement Buzz Continues

Last night Van Halen played at Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village for 250 people. I applaud them for igniting such a major excitement buzz for their 2o12 tour and their forthcoming album A Different Kind of Truth.  The NY Times article, “Van Halen Delivers Big Nostalgia on a Small Stage” by James McKinley Jr. proved to be an insightful read for those of us who were curious about last night’s event.

Photograph by Charles Sykes/Associated Press

I’m setting my sights on trying to get tickets for the Mohegan Sun March 3rd concert. Live Nation is handling the tour so I will need to use my account  with them to purchase seats. I like that Kool & The Gang will be the opening act.

Music Heals! – Music Gives to St. Jude Kids!

I am a fervent believer in the spirituality and healing power of music. I just discovered that Sheryl Crow has become the ambassador to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Music Gives to St. Jude Kids program. Danny Thomas‘s grandson, Jason Thomas Gordon, lead singer of the band Kingsize conceived the idea for this initiative.

So far Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Warner Music GroupStone Temple PilotsKings of Leon and Kingsize along with Sheryl Crow  have banded together for the kids of St. Jude. Music Gives will unite artists and their fans in supporting St. Jude through a variety of opportunities, including concert promotions, ticket add-on donations, text-to-donate messages, social media and a range of other giving opportunities.

My wife and I are Partners in Hope with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We urge you to support Music Gives with your love and donations.

Music Gives

The Buckinghams in 2011!

I was thinking about The Buckinghams this morning. Their song, “Kind of a Drag” popped into my head so I cruised over to YouTube to watch a video of them playing their #1 hit from 1967. Oh the days of lip-synching ~grin~

This peaked my curiosity further about the band, what they are doing today, what other hits did they have, etc. I Google searched them and learned that The Buckinghams still tour. They will be performing as part of  the Happy Together Tour 2011 this summer with

I’m glad to see the Happy Together Tour 2011 is coming to my neck of the woods on Sat. July 9, Wallingford, CT., Toyota Presents the Oakdale Theatre. No tickets on sale yet but I’m watching  the Live Nation ticket site closely (concert slut that I am ;).

Here is the official Happy Together 2011 concert tour poster.

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