What happened to Lee Michaels?

There was a rock musician named Lee Michaels who was popular in the early 70s. His command of the Hammond B3 sound (which I never tire of hearing) has always held my rapt attention. His soulful vocals were resonant, sharply accented by a strong upper range. He was known for his Top 10 hit in 1971, “Do You Know What I Mean?”.

Lee Michaels recorded and performed with just one other musician, a powerhouse drummer by the name of “Frosty” (Bartholomew Eugene Smith-Frost). The sonics they produced were amazing for a two person ensemble.

The Lee Michaels album that was on my turntable the most was Lee Michaels on A&M Records (1969). It was a spontaneous masterpiece that Lee Michaels and Frosty recorded in six hours. The WNEW-FM 102.7 radio station played Lee Michaels Side One regularly late at night because it flowed so well from one track to the next.


 Michaels recorded two more albums for A&M before signing a recording contract with Columbia Records in 1973. His Columbia recordings failed to generate much interest, and Michaels went into semi-retirement from the music industry by the end of the 70s decade. (Source: wikipedia)

I’m happy to report that Lee Michaels has surfaced as the creator of the recipe known as “Killer Shrimp” This is a scenic restaurant in the Marina Del Ray, California boat basin. It appears his son Kevin Michaels is the owner. The restaurant just re-opened this fall. If you want to more details about the restaurant click on over and Like their Facebook Page, Killer Shrimp.

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