Tomutonttu Trarat Spaceship Stream

Interesting music will show up in my Inbox from time to time. Last night I received a promotional announcement from Leaving Records, a Los Angeles-based label run by musician Matthew David McQueen aka Matthewdavid and Jesselissa Moretti. The label began in 2009, focusing mainly on cassette releases. Not sure how they found me, must have been a mailing list I signed up for I guess?

Their unique label informed me about Tomutonttu Trarat Spaceship Stream. Since I am both a curious person and highly supportive of new music alternatives, I decided to investigate further. I must admit I was intrigued with the notion of a hand-painted cassette in the age of cloud digital bits. The music is also available in the cloud with Spotify and Sound Cloud representation for discovery purposes.

Tomutonttu is a multi-disciplinary artist and Leaving Records’ psychic music mentor Jan Anderzén from Finland. Head cosmonaut of musical spaceship Kemialliset Ystävät for the past twenty years, Tomutonttu is the name of Jan’s solo sonic explorations in Electro-Acoustic Elven/Faerie Groove Collage. Jan was commissioned by a classical music festival in his home town of Tampere Finland to write some new music, and “Trarat” is a collection of tracks recorded during this writing process.

I found the music challenging and different. Perhaps it wasn’t the most ideal sound for my 6:00 am cup of coffee. But I needed something to do while my business computer upgraded to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update 😉

I listened to all 9 tracks, intrigued with Jan’s perspective of space classical musique electronique. The compositions grew on me. I smiled when I heard the track, Katukissan Puhe. I liked the rhythm it produced in my psyche.

MusicofOurHeart has a new influence to explore further this day via Finland and Los Angeles.

Like Devo says, “It’s a Beautiful World We Live In”.

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