Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Once Upon A Time Live In South America (Live Version)

I’ve always wanted to see Emerson, Lake & Palmer live in concert. The closest I have ever come to that reality was to see Keith Emerson and Greg Lake in concert at The Ridgefield Playhouse in May of 2010. I have also been fortunate to see The Carl Palmer Band and The Keith Emerson Band one week apart at Toads Place in New Haven. So if you push all those performances together you get ELP 😉

The next best thing though has occurred, Emerson, Lake & Palmer have released a new live recording, Once Upon A Time In South America (Live Version). This live four CD set contains 43 tracks and measures in at 4 Hours and 46 mins of fantastic prog rock from the ELP legends.

I am playing it in high fidelity via TIDAL HiFi wirelessly over Google Chromecast through my Sony Blu Ray 7.1 Home Theater.

Little Arabella By The Nice

I often think of the days in the late 60s and early 70s I listened to progressive FM music on WNEW-FM 102.7 from New York City. My favorite disk jockey was Scott Muni, Scotsso was his nickname. He often played this song by The Nice, “Little Arabella”.

I went looking for the original studio cut that Scottso would play and found it on YouTube.

There is also a live recording of Little Arabella from The Fillmore East. The best rock palace of all time!

Live From Manticore Hall – Keith Emerson & Greg Lake

I am developing content that centers upon Progressive Rock music. While conducting research about essential prog musicians I am uncovering recordings I never knew existed.

A treasure I discovered today is Live From Manticore Hall by Keith Emerson & Greg Lake. My wife and I saw Keith Emerson and Greg Lake perform this set list at The Ridgefield Playhouse  on May 8, 2010.  It was an intimate concert and we were glad we attended.

This recording brings that 2010 concert evening back with resonating purpose.  I am thankful that Keith Emerson and Greg Lake decided to release the live recordings. My gratitude also goes out to Manticore Records and the engineering team for post-production delivery.

Grandmasters Unite in Tokyo

English: Keith Emerson 日本語: キース・エマーソン
English: Keith Emerson 日本語: キース・エマーソン (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s blog post is inspired from a photograph that captures the inherent joy evident inside the music of our hearts. Standing together these musical legends are joined in common bond of the Moog synthesizer and music composition.

The Grandmasters pictured below from left to right are Maestro Sachio FujiokaTakashi YoshimatsuIsao Tomita, and Keith Emerson. This conclave of wizards took place at the Orchestral “Tarkus” Concert in Tokyo.

According to the Official Keith Emerson Website:

Keith Emerson attended the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra‘s performance of “Tarkus” in Tokyo on March 20th, 2013 to celebrate the 60th birthday of a renowned composer, Mr. Takashi Yoshimatsu, who arranged “Tarkus”. His arrangement was used on the weekly epic drama on national TV station, “Tairano Kiyomori” in Japan last year. This will be the first time Keith hears this particular version of orchestral “Tarkus” performed live by a full orchestra.

The concert was held at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall on March 20, 2013

Tarkus – Classic Meets Rock

This is a fantastic composition performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Takashi Yoshimatsu has extended Tarkus creating a further masterpiece in the process.

Should you wish to listen to the original work Tarkus by Emerson, Lake and Palmer I strongly urge you to avail yourself of the Deluxe Edition. It has been remastered by yet another wizard of progressive rock, Steven Wilson. Listen to it in 5.1 surround sound.

This is my signed copy of the original audio CD by Carl Palmer.

Tarkus Signed By Carl Palmer

This Grandmaster’s photograph has also rekindled my interest in Tomita. I listened happily today to his classic recording, Snowflakes Are Dancing. I was reminded how picturesque and poetic Tomita’s Moog synthesizer compositions are to the music of our heart. One of the great treasures of all time is Isao Tomita.

Greg Lake, Autobiography:Lucky Man & CD:Songs of a Lifetime

Greg Lake has a wonderful voice with memorable inflection and hauntingly wonderful tonality. He is a vital vocal energy in the music of our heart.

Lucky Man – Autobiography

I keep discovering audio books to listen to which help pass time illuminated by the spoken word. Greg Lake is the midst of writing his autobiography ‘Lucky Man’ which is projected to be completed by the end of this year. As good fortune would have it you can buy Volume 1 of his book now as a USB guitar collectible (Click the image for ordering information). Greg Lake is our reader which adds a special intimacy to the listening/fan experience. The daybreak is your midnight; the colors have all died.  Disturbing the waters of our lives, of our lives, of our lives, lives,  Lives, lives…  Of our lives. – Greg Lake, “Take A Pebble

Songs of a Lifetime

Greg Lake has released a live recording of his 2012 Songs of a Lifetime Tour. He is a sheer delight to witness in concert. You will be amazed when you hear him sing how you drift back to the time when King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer graced your stereo system. He typifies the feeling that you share with him in a concert hall in the quote below. We saw him a few years back with Keith Emerson at the Ridgefield Playhouse. It was a marvelous show and C’est La Vie was our highlight that evening.

The idea for the tour came about as Lake was writing his autobiography ‘Lucky Man,’ which is due toward the end of 2013. “Behind these songs there were often stories to be told and it occurred to me that the same must be true for the audience as well,” he says in a press release. “It was then that I thought of the idea of doing a series of very small intimate concerts where I could perform these songs and exchange stories with the audience, in a way reliving the time when the music we shared together really became part of our identity and in a way became the backdrop to our lives.”

View this tasty sample of one of Greg Lake’s “Songs of a Lifetime” tour concerts in this short video, filmed and edited by noted Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Archivist and Curator Tony Ortiz.

Highlights of the Emerson, Lake and Palmer, 40th Anniversary Reunion Concert DVD

We watched the Concert One Limited, Emerson Lake & Palmer, 40th Anniversary Reunion Concert DVD the other night. It was filmed at the High Voltage Festival, on July 25th, 2010 at Victoria Park in London, England.

We found the live concert video to be an exciting visual experience. Rent or own it to learn more.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer – 40th Anniversary Reunion Concert

Continuing with the progressive rock music theme, MusicOfOurHeart turns its focus to the super group, Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

It was Scott Muni‘s radio show Things from England that turned me on to Emerson, Lake and Palmer in November, 1970. When he played “Take A Pebble” from their first album, I was forever convinced.


 ELP is a group I have yet to experience live in concert. I saw the Carl Palmer Band  perform at Toads Place in New Haven on June 1, 2006 .  Carl Palmer was very personable as we spoke with him before and after the show.

Then three+ weeks later, June 24, 2006 I got to witness the Keith Emerson  Band at the very same venue.  It was ironic their paths did not pass closer. Keith Emerson outdid himself on Moog Synthesizer and keyboards. His concert was a very exciting event.

I then saw Keith Emerson and Greg Lake at the Ridgefield Playhouse on May 8, 2010. It was an intimate evening  where both artists performed, answered questions and looked very relaxed. So this is the closest I  have been yet to ELP live in concert via these three concerts.

 Last I knew Emerson, Lake and Palmer were contemplating a North American Tour but  nothing has materialized yet. I have my fingers crossed for a 2012  ELP US tour.

 The good news is that the historic Emerson, Lake and Palmer High Voltage  Festival  headliner concert is now available  on DVD. This extraordinary 40th anniversary reunion concert was held on July 25, 2010 at Victoria Park,  in London, England. Here is a taste of that concert from the DVD promo.

I ordered this DVD on amazon today. I’ll let you know how it is later in the week 😉

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