Bill Laswell, Advancing Art and Communication

Prolific, profound, pursuant, are just some of the inherent attributes of Bill Laswell. The music of our heart is openly receptive to the experimental spirit of this modernist vanguard. Bill Laswell is a bassist, producer and record label owner. He has touched 3,000+ recordings in his career. His extensive discography is well documented on Silent-Watcher.Net. The Bill Laswell Web site is managed by Dave Brunelle who manages the Bill Laswell Open Group on Facebook.

So the question becomes where do you wade into the water of Laswell (and others) musical output and start swimming. Do you start with Sacred Dub?, do you jump ahead to the 4 columns of the Method of Defiance?, do you assimilate the intelligent remixes of Miles Davis (Panthalassa: The Music Of Miles Davis 1969-1974) and Carlos Santana (Divine Light: Reconstructions & Mix Translation) just to name a few places to paddle out to…

The dimensionality of his sonic output defies categorization. Direct immersion in his recordings is the advised approach to assimilate what is carried forth in the mix. We as a global society have been rapidly evolving through the vortex of disruption, blow it up and build it anew. Read the mission statements of Bill Laswell’s latest nucleus, Method of Defiance.


M.O.D. TECHNOLOGIES, created by the principal members of Method Of Defiance, is a modern evolution of the original AXIOM label. Designated for the purpose of destroying musical genres,trends, approved or unapproved formats, false ideas and other unnecessary borders.

I noticed that Bill Laswell will have a residency at The Stone, John Zorn’s performance space in the East Village in April. I’d love to hear live what will become the next recording endeavors.

4/19 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
John Zorn and Bill Laswell Duo
John Zorn (sax) Bill Laswell (bass)

10 pm
Bill Laswell (bass, tapes)

APRIL 22—27

This leads into John Zorn, Dave Lombardo and Bill Laswell performing live as Bladerunner on May 4th, 2014 at Le Poisson Rouge. So yet another live music choice to make 🙂

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Collaboration: Pat Metheny and John Zorn

The latest Pat Metheny collaboration with John Zorn,  Tap: The Book of Angels Vol. 20 is available for purchase and digital download. The recording is available both on Pat Metheny’ s Nonesuch label and John Zorn’s Tadzik label. I chose the Tzadik iTunes download based on cover design and format (AAC = MP4 vs. MP3).

Ever curious, courageous and endlessly creative, virtuoso guitarist and musical mastermind Pat Metheny takes on John Zorn’s Masada songbook to create some of the most soulful and adventurous sounds yet heard in the Book of Angels series. Turn up the volume and revel in the breadth of imagination in these remarkable arrangements featuring Pat on a huge arsenal of instruments, and the powerful Antonio Sanchez on drums. Pat Metheny continues to surprise and experiment with new musical frontiers well into the 21st century. Released in coordination with Nonesuch, this is a match made in Heaven—essential!

Willow Metheny: Vocals (Pat Metheny’s daughter)
Pat Metheny: Orchestra Bells, Orchestrionic Marimba, Keyboards, Piano, Bass, Tiples, Sitar Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Acoustic And Electric Guitars, Bandoneon, Percussion, Electronics, Flugelhorn
Antonio Sanchez: Drums

(Album description and personnel listing courtesy of Tzadik)

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

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