Jeff Lynne’s ELO Soars Again

If you love the music of Jeff Lynne and ELO, as I do, then my friend you are in for a special treat. Next week, November 13th Jeff Lynne’s ELO launches Alone In The Universe.  It’s the first new ELO music in 15 years! It is a very cool recording, I really must say.

If you can’t wait to hear this stupendous recording then travel via your Web browser to the NPR First Listen: Jeff Lynne’s ELO, ‘Alone In The Universe’ Web page. Here you’ll find the album streaming in it’s entirety. Plus there’s an insightful review from a music journalist I deeply respect Tom Moon.

So what are you waiting for? Take flight and soar with Jeff Lynne’s ELO. Heavenly rhythms will soon befall you 🙂

Jeff Lynne returns in more ways than one

When you hear the name Jeff Lynne, the words respected musician, composer, collaborator and producer come to mind. He is returning to the music scene with two very special recordings on October 9, 2012. I welcome his efforts with renewed anticipation and internal excitement.

The first recording is his first solo album in 20 years, Long Wave. 

“I call this new album Long Wave because all of the songs I sing on it are the ones heard on long wave radio when I was a kid growing up in Birmingham, England,” Lynne explains. “These songs take me back to that feeling of freedom in those days and summon up the feeling of first hearing those powerful waves of music coming in on my old crystal set. My dad also had the radio on all the time, so some of these songs have been stuck in my head for 50 years. You can only imagine how great it felt to finally get them out of my head after all these years.”

The other recording is Mr. Blue Sky – The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra.

Here Lynne has artfully revisited and re-recorded the greatest hits of Electric Light Orchestra, and actually improved on some of the most classic and beloved recordings ever.

Jeff Lynne has also reunited with former ELO band mate Richard Tandy.  Videos of the pair performing “Showdown” and “Evil Woman” have been posted to

“There was a big reason I wanted to re-record these ELO songs,” says Lynne. “When I listen to the old versions they don’t sound the way I thought they did when I first wrote and recorded them. I wanted to use the experience I’ve gained producing records ever since and have a completely new try at them. I’m not saying the old versions aren’t good; I like them very much. We were doing our best, but experience and technology also play a big a big part, and these new ones sound much more solid and tight.”

The album includes a never-before-heard bonus track, ‘The Point Of No Return,’ and a very special version of ‘10538 Overture’ that’s a nod to ELO’s 40th anniversary.

Joe Walsh – Analog Man

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 is a major record release day. There are four recordings all coming out at the same time that  I want to purchase.

1) Neil Young & CrazyHorse – Americana


2) Patti SmithBanga


3) The Beach BoysThat’s Why God Made The Radio (Ordered)

That's Why God Made the Radio

4) Joe Walsh – Analog Man

Analog Man [CD / DVD Combo Deluxe Edition]

This will be Joe’s first solo studio recording in 20 years. The 10-track album was produced by Jeff Lynne and Joe Walsh with Tommy Lee James co-writing some of the tracks. “Lucky That Way,” one of Walsh’s favorites off the album, speaks to the extraordinary life he’s lived, even through the hurdles, and features Ringo Starr, his real life brother-in-law, on drums. The song ironically serves as a mature sequel to Walsh’s famed “Life’s Been Good” and for Walsh, life is just that.

Watch this video of Joe Walsh where he explains in inimitable rambling style, “Life’s Been Good” before he performs at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California.

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