Eyes Of The World—Grateful Dead Photography, 1965 to 1995

Released Today!

Eyes of the World: Grateful Dead Photography 1965 – 1995 is a fine art, hardcover coffee table photography book that brings together, for the first time, a comprehensive collection of photographs from a lot of photographers whose work has captured the Grateful Dead at different times throughout their career.

Co-Edited by former Relix editor-in-chief Josh Baron and famed rock photographer Jay Blakesberg, Eyes of the World will be released October 23, 2017, via Rock Out Books.

Shocking as it may seem—particularly given the unparalleled job the band’s shepherds did in documenting its history—until now there has been no definitive visual reference encompassing the 30-year career of the Grateful Dead.

Over the course of six months of research, Baron and Blakesberg reached out to more than 100 photographers (or in some cases, their representatives) to see if they’d be willing to give their images for review.  After much deliberation, countless conversations and 32 versions of the eventual layout, they landed on 220 images captured by 61 photographers across 272 pages that would become Eyes of the World, the book.

Photographers featured in Eyes of the World include such legendary names as Annie Leibovitz, Jim Marshall, David Gahr, Mark Seliger, Herb Greene, William Coupon, Michael O’Neill, Adrian Boot, Michael Putland, Peter Simon, Baron Wolman and, of course, Jay Blakesberg. Included in the collection are iconic images, lesser-known photos, and never-seen-before seen images – each of them a singular perspective of a poignant moment that together helps tell the Grateful Dead’s epic tale through large, bold imagery.

Jackie Greene – Light Up Your Window

Photo by Jay Blakesberg

Jackie Greene is a busy and fruitful musician. He recently made a stop to film and record in historic Hillsborough, NC for the Yep Roc Sawyer Sessions. The live songs were shot at Tune Your Sound USA, the home of a massive collection boasting over 1,500 guitars.

He performed “Light Up Your Window” and “Silver Lining” which are due to be released by Yep Roc Records as a 7″ EP for Record Store Day on April 18th, 2015.

Jackie Greene’s full album, Back To Birth is scheduled to drop on August 25th on Yep Roc Records.

Special Collectors Edition, Rolling Stone – Grateful Dead, The Ultimate Guide

Rolling Stone Magazine, San Francisco and The Grateful Dead. A match made in heaven collaborated on earth.

There is nothing like a Grateful Dead show. The music, the feeling that you experience at their concerts is the most original cosmic force existent.

This magazine does an incredible job in 100 pages of capturing and documenting the 48 years of America’s greatest band. It’s a tremendous value at $11.99 to have a well curated, cross-functional collection of excerpted articles from the original pages of Rolling Stone Magazine.

I urge you to buy a copy of this special collectors edition for your very own. The photographs by Jay Blakesberg, Herb Greene, Baron Wolman, Jim Marshall and others beautifully articulate the halcyon era of Rock’s Longest Strangest Trip.


Jay Blakesberg – Jam – Kickstarter Project!

I love music photography books and I enjoy ground floor opportunities. Jay Blakesberg is my favorite rock/jam photographer on the music scene today. He continuously captures with his lens the excitement and passion of live performance in the music of our heart.

Jay epitomizes design with a keen eye. Take a look at the way he engages you with his home page art 😉


I just saw that Jay has a Kickstarter project for a new coffee table book, JamThe premise of this title which will be Jay’s sixth music photography book is epic, live, magical music moments. If the sample pictures on the Kickstarter project are any sign of the vibrancy it will be a great publication. I decided todayI am going to back  Jay’s next book because I believe in his art and energy, a lot.

I have seen Grace Potter and the Nocturnals several times live and his photo exhibits how their concerts feel live.

© Jay Blakesberg

We welcome the opportunity to hang out with you at a live concert sometime Jay. Let us know if you plan to come to the East Coast in 2013 😉

Buffalo Springfield Reunion Concerts

Buffalo Springfield (album)
Image via Wikipedia

Last year at Pegi and Neil Young‘s annual Bridge School Benefit we witnessed the reformation of Buffalo Springfield live on stage. The success of that reunion has forged an understanding with original members, Richie Furay, Stephen Stills and Neil Young to take the act on the road. (There will be an extensive fall four-month tour, as I set my radar screen for concerts in my market.). The results of the sound and co-operation are amazingly fresh in sharp contrast to the time that has passed since Buffalo Springfield once existed 43 years ago in 1968. There is something to be said for the continuity of the music of the heart when artists re-establish the foundation of a muse.

Rolling Stone Magazine is serving as a definitive source for information about the Buffalo Springfield reunion and related tour. The publication is providing well written, albeit exciting coverage about this seminal rock and roll band. I refer you to the Buffalo Springfield Launch First Tour in 43 Years article written by David Fricke. From there you can link back to the Bridge School coverage and the February 10th announcement about Buffalo Springfield’s first 11 concert dates.

Bridge School Benefit

Fox Theater, June 1, 2011, Oakland, California

Photo by Jay Blakesberg for RollingStone.com

Rock Music Photographers A-Z, Jay Blakesberg

One of the hippest rock music photographers on the scene is Jay Blakesberg. I like Jay’s fluid sense of articulation with jam band artists.

I especially enjoy how he photographs Carlos Santana. I was first drawn to Jay’s photography as a Santana fan. I kept seeing Jay’s work in Santana tour programs. Jay’s camaraderie with Carlos Santana is evident throughout his portfolio.

Copyright Jay Blakesberg

I also love Jay’s photographic work with the Grateful Dead.

Jay Blakesberg attends many music concerts and festivals. He is a consummate live music fan like myself. He embodies the music scene with a freshness which breathes special life into his photographs.

A part of me lives vicariously in San Francisco. Jay brings that music world to me in vivid and exciting ways.

Copyright Jay Blakesberg

7 Walkers – Bill Kreutzmann and Friends

Papa Mali w/ Bill Kreutzmann
Image by City On Fire via Flickr

I was reading the March 2011 issue of Relix Magazine last night when I noticed that the 7 Walkers, Bill Kreutzmann‘s new band had placed at #1 on the Jambands.com Radio Chart. This took me pleasantly by surprise so I investigated the band and the situation further. Sure enough they sound rhythmically righteous. 7 Walkers has held the top spot on Jambands.com’s Radio Chart for three solid months now.

I think you’ll find their music infectious 😉 and I hope you’ll do as I did, buy their music 🙂

Jay Blakesberg 2010

7 Walkers consists of the following collaborators:

Bill Kreutzmann, Drums

Papa Mali, Guitar & Vocals

George Porter Jr., Bass

Matt Hubbard, Keyboards, Horns, Harmonica & Vocals

Lyrics by Robert Hunter😉

Eddie Money’s Comeback in 2011

Eddie Money (album)
Image via Wikipedia

The year was 1977. I was the record department manager at Caldor’s Inc. a discount department store chain. My CBS Records account rep, Paul Hughes laid a “promo” copy of Eddie Money on me. Paul said to me, “Our A&R people are giving this record high marks. Give it a spin and let me know what you think when I see you next week.”

I took the record home and dropped it on my turntable. I liked what I heard immediately. I started hearing “Two Tickets to Paradise” and “Baby Hold On” on WNEW-FM radio from various disk jockeys.  I told Paul the following week, Eddie Money sounds strong. He of course said, how many copies do you think you might order for your department? I told him 50. They sold mildly at first. But I sold Eddie Money stronger the next year when he broke as a Top 40 artist.

Eddie Money has recorded some of my favorite songs.  I was pleased to learn from photographer and intense music fan Jay Blakesberg that Eddie Money was planning a comeback in 2011 with a new recording. Here is one of the photographs that Jay took of Eddie Money in San Francisco for possible promotional use. You can see Jay’s memories of the day he spent with Eddie Money here and more photos of Eddie Money here 🙂

Copyright Jay Blakesberg

It’s important to also note that Eddie Money was discovered in  San Francisco by Bill Graham’s organization. Bill Graham played an instrumental role in Eddie Money’s career. The following video, “I’ll Get By” is a moving tribute to the memory of rock impresario Bill Graham who we lost tragically in 1991. Love the youthful picture of Bill Graham that starts/ends Eddie’s video 🙂

It’s very difficult to single out what Eddie Money track is my favorite but if push comes to shove its Eddie Money with Ronnie Spector signing as a duet on  “Take Me Home Tonight”. I base that decision on the dynamics of the recording and the MTV video that pushed the track to Eddie’s highest chart positions at #4 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The tribute to the Phil Spector sound, Eddie on Sax, Ronnie Spector’s unique vocals and strut 😉 all combine to make a masterpiece of rock and roll. I grew up with The Ronettes on AM radio. The Ronettes are one of my two most favorite 60’s girl groups, The Shangri-Las being my most favorite :).

Just Like Ronnie Sang…Be My Little Baby

Take Me Home tonight will also be a new movie in March 2011.

Take Me Home Tonight Movie Trailer

Eddie Money’s bringing it in 2011 and I couldn’t be happier for him and his music career!

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