Apple iTunes Responsive Design

Apple updated iTunes today with their interpretation of responsive Web design. Download the latest Apple iTunes UX (user experience design) and learn why Apple continues to set direction in interface innovation.

I am especially impressed with how seamless iCloud has become in accessing content on all your devices (Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch). Try that XBox Music with Skydrive, oh wait the cloud locker feature across the same list of devices  is a Microsoft “future” deliverable…

View what has the Music Of Our Heart energized about Apple iTunes 11 vs. stifling yawns with Microsoft’s XBox Music…

I mean really “Who Wants Yesterday’s Papers?”


Soundgarden – King Animal

First new Soundgarden album in 15 years, King Animal!, available on Tuesday 11/13/12

King Animal will be available as a Box Set, a Deluxe CD,  and 180 gram double vinyl. View and pre-order all the deluxe editions at

Photo: "Heaviness with us never came from just cranking the volume and tuning the strings down." - Kim ThayilPhoto: © Don VanCleave

You can also stream King Animal in its entirety on iTunes now. 
Sirius XM Pearl Jam Radio – Channel 22
Soundgarden ‘King Animal’ Album Special Today at  9:00 pm ET

Soundgarden is back with their first album in over a decade and band members Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron premiere ‘King Animal’ on Sirius XM’s Pearl Jam Radio. Pearl Jam guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard celebrate the occasion and sit down with the Soundgarden members to discuss the band’s beginnings in Seattle, how their unique sound was born and what it was like to be back in the studio to record their newest album.

Rebroadcast: Mon 11/12 11:00 am ET; Tues 11/13 5:00 pm ET

The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows


English: Photograph of The Beatles as they arr...
English: Photograph of The Beatles as they arrive in New York City in 1964 Français : Photographie de The Beatles, lors de leur arrivée à New York City en 1964 Italiano: Fotografia dei Beatles al loro arrivo a New York City nel 1964 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Experience 14 Rock Songs Recorded by The Beatles that Truly Changed the World – and Still Rock Hardest Today.

Tomorrow Never Knows LP

The Beatles present an iTunes digital exclusive new release ‘Tomorrow Never Knows,’ available on the iTunes Store worldwide today. The LP features 14 of The Beatles’ most powerful rock songs spanning their entire trailblazing and influential catalogue, which continues to resonate with today’s pop culture.

Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters states: “If it weren’t for The Beatles, I would not be a musician. It’s as simple as that. From a very young age I became fascinated with their songs, and over the years have drowned myself in the depth of their catalogue. Their groove and their swagger. Their grace and their beauty. Their dark and their light. The Beatles seemed to be capable of anything. They knew no boundaries, and in that freedom they seemed to define what we now know today as ‘Rock and Roll.’

1 Revolution
2 Paperback Writer
3 And Your Bird Can Sing
4 Helter Skelter
5 Savoy Truffle
6 I’m Down
7 I’ve Got A Feeling
8 Back In The USSR
9 You Can’t Do That
10 It’s All Too Much
11 She Said, She Said
12 Hey Bulldog
13 Tomorrow Never Knows
14 The End


Digital Publishing and The Beatles:The Ultimate Album By Album Guide

Digital publishing is readying for a justifiable volcanic explosion. The tablet device is the platform that will usher in rich, interactive digital publishing solutions. Maybe you are reading this blog post as I am on an Apple iPad 😉 Next week Apple will be hosting a major education market announcement in New York City regarding electronic textbooks. “The revolution will not be televised.” Rather it will be available to you to you in real time via the cloud. Just think no more late book shipments….

An interesting multimedia application for the Apple iPad for Beatles fans is available from Rolling Stone Magazine and Apple iTunes. The Beatles: The Ultimate Album by Album Guide. With a little help from their friends at Managing Editor Inc. MEI, an Adobe® premier development partner and a leading provider of software solutions for publisher.

MEI is playing a key role as a gold level reseller for Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite solution. It also helps that MEI supports and resells the vjoon K4™ Cross-Media Publishing Platform. The vjoon K4™ Cross-Media Publishing Platform is a versatile, powerful system that lets you deliver content to any output channel — print, online, iPad, iPhone and other digital formats. The vjoon K4™  is the major solution that is driving the digital publishing direction for leading publishers today.

I purchased The Beatles: The Ultimate Album by Album Guide for my wife, Rosemary. Rosemary is the most devout Beatles fan in the family. She is also the most avid iPad user. We looked at the app while playing The Beatles Stereo Box Set (Audio CD). The combination adds a vivid dimension to the listening context.

The track by track listings are pointed and helpful. The vital stats in the insert box provide a quick reference for each recording. I especially love the photographs that accompany each album.

My favorite section is “The Beatles Albums by the Numbers” its an infographic that is thought provoking.

I believe this technology to be the early adopter edition of how Rolling Stone Magazine will be utilized on an Apple iPad. I anticipate more innovation including interaction with digital publishing when Apple releases the iPad 3 this year. Perhaps that is when Rolling Stone Magazine will go live with their cloud subscription. Stay tuned as we all have more to discover in 2012. 😉 All together now…

Sarah McLachlan

I continue with this week’s impromptu theme, female singer/songwriter’s of note.  Today’s music blog post features Sarah McLachlan.

I know very little about Sarah McLachlan’s catalog of songs. This post is the perfect opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of her music.

I learned Sarah McLachlan’s discography represents 22 years of official recordings. I am overwhelmed where to begin when confronted with such an extensive body of work.

The Internet provides a rich avenue of information about Sarah McLachlan’s music. Wikipedia is a great starting point as is Sarah’s official Web site. I also turn to Spotify, iTunes and amazon to get a better sense of what Sarah McLachlan recordings people are buying. There are two aspects measured that help me tune in to her music, 1) Bestselling, and 2) Top Rated, which don’t always correlate, providing a dichotomy for a budding listener like myself.

Based upon this data I begin my quest with Sarah McLachlan’s discography with Surfacing (1997).


Wish me well 😉

Spotify, Why I will be kicking Zune to the curb

File:Spotify logo.pngI didn’t expect for the following sentiment to take place today, but as you will read, I had an “aha moment” with music software. I browsed over to Spotify‘s Web site this morning to learn more about their music cloud service which just reached our shores yesterday after a two-year wait.

I was skeptical about the Spotify offering as my first perspective was oh not another Web music service in a very crowded field of offerings too many to list, discern or mention. I must admit I was quite uplifted by what I discovered and interpreted about Spotify.

I was motivated further to explore Spotify as my car CD player has stopped working and I need to replace it soon. So I have started playing the iPhone in the car as a substitute.

File:Zune logo.svg

I have been a loyal Zune software subscriber since its start in 2006. I have accumulated 5,913 listens to Zune in that time frame. I subscribe to Zune Pass at $14.99 a month, which also gives me 10 free songs a month. But Zune is starting to crumble as a solution and has not shown much innovation of late. Also it is having a problem downloading albums I buy in sequence, skipping songs in their logical order, which is a hassle. Zune is failing to keep up with the times, c’est la vie.

I have been eagerly awaiting Zune to supply a couple of  “promised” features which I doubt are ever coming in spite of Microsoft’s Cloud initiative.

Microsoft Zune is failing to live up to my expectations as a Web music service offering. The most notable Zune technology failure is the lack of social networking capability and integration Microsoft “does not supply”. Sharing has very little fellow Zune subscriber participation.  It is a promise in principle unfulfilled. Microsoft failed to innovate the music software sharing options I expected them to carry out, such as more immediate Web music locker sharing, Facebook integration etc. It doesn’t seem that Microsoft will ever leverage its 1.6% investment stake in Facebook to become the “Facebook Music” solution.

It is very clear that Spotify has secured that leadership role and is declared “Facebook Music”. When Mark Zuckerberg is endorsing your product solution you have “arrived”.  Spotify is destined to conquer the American music subscriber’s market with its ease of use and focused integration with Apple iTunes, Windows Media Player files (that’s how I will reuse my Zune music library and cut the cord with Zune Pass…).

“Spotify is so Good”
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook

I purchased a Spotify Premium Service subscription today to get a better idea of what Spotify offers a music subscriber. I like what I am experiencing thus far. Spotify has indeed done their homework with their technology edge.

I really like that for $9.99 a month  with Spotify I have 13 million songs readily at my disposal with the  iPhone Spotify cloud app. It was effortless to search and hear music through the Spotify Cloud to my iPhone. I rather like how they smartly randomized Neil Young’s catalog for me as I drove home from work this afternoon. Zune can’t do that….

As the Microsoft Cloud forms I don’t see the Zune solution leveraging the music locker experience effectively or at all for that matter.

I will save $5 a month with Spotify versus Zune Pass and I can have very high quality stream/sync functionality.

Spotify you are my new Web music subscription service. Microsoft’s Zune say hello to the curb. Oh and Microsoft speculation about XBox Music doesn’t move me…..

Kitaro – Mizu Ni Inori Te


Information Source for this blog post is the Domo Music Group News Blog (see link below).

Used with kind permission for sharing with music listeners the express information about the latest digital Kitaro import available on iTunes, Mizu Ni Inori Te. (Originally released in 2002 in Japan).

Track List
1. Mizu ni Inori Te *unreleased
2. The Light of the Spirit
3. Stream
4. Shizuku no Mai *unreleased
5. Nagare no Naka de
6. Voice of the Wind *unreleased
7. Theme from Silk Road

About Mizu Ni Inori Te

Japanese nationwide TV featured Kitaro for their famous documentary series about professionals from various different fields. In the TV program, Kitaro had explored Nagara-gawa (one of the biggest rivers in Japan) from its source to both “Pacific Ocean” and “Sea Of Japan” and built his images to create songs which were played in the program. After the on-air, they were flooded with inquiries about songs. This led them to produce the album including 3 unreleased songs. Kitaro shows the appreciation for nature by expressing both magnificent flow and dynamism of nature as it is.

We have the eternal circulation of nature since the Mother earth was born. Rain falls in the mountain and the river flows to the ocean, where ocean water evaporates and goes back to the mountains. We live in the world of circulation. We need a better understanding of not taking for granted of Mother Nature’s gift to us.

iTunes in the Cloud (My Web Music Locker)

I purchase a fair amount of music on an annual basis(100+ recordings a year) Being a fan of music and technology, I have been eagerly awaiting Apple’s iCloud music announcement. On Monday, Apple announced at their World Wide Developers Conference, iTunes in the Cloud.

My present solution for buying music is varied like most music collectors. I buy music from record stores, music retailers, music e-tailers (amazon, CD Universe), directly from the artists and the record labels, Apple iTunes and Microsoft Zune.

I have been trying to determine how I can shift to a full digital music collection but I have been waiting for two things to happen. 1) Better universal availability and a more seamless management/distribution of my music. 2) Better digital audio quality sound (that may be answered next year by high audio resolution from Warner Music but how far reaching that will be across the rest of the industry remains to be realized.) Apple Audio Lossless Codec (AALC)  has not lived up to its expectations.

It looks like iTunes in the Cloud will satisfy the first requirement by allowing me to easily consolidate my music library in their cloud. I have the same reservation everyone is expressing about the nature of the cloud, “Can I entrust my music to the Apple iCloud?”.

I can begin by experimenting with the technology with  iCloud’s free 5GB of storage when Apple acknowledges me via e-mail that the service is available. The service will scan and match my current music collection for music that is available on the iTunes store. What I really like is that iCloud will then make it available to all my devices by sending my songs’ metadata (probably via Gracenotes technology…) to the cloud. Then if I so desire I can sign up for the new iTunes iMatch service which will cost me $25 a year, (uh-oh yet another Internet subscription) with unlimited storage.

So Apple how do you solve #2 for me and others? Hmmmmmmmmm 😉

Coney Island Winter – Garland Jeffreys

I am very excited to share with you the brand new single by an artist I admire greatly, Garland Jeffreys, “Coney Island Winter”.

You can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

I love the photograph. We’ve never been to Coney Island, which is a real travesty. But thanks to you Garland we’re finally there.  We can smell the salt air and feel the sand under our shoes as we walk the boardwalk with you.

I feel the heavy coat of Winter peeling off my back and Spring very close at hand 🙂

Here’s what Garland shared about Coney Island Winter on Facebook today.

FINALLY!  The first song from the brand new album is released today: CONEY ISLAND WINTER!  I dedicate this song to to all my friends and fans who’ve patiently supported me through the long process of making this album.  I’ve taken to heart all your comments and kind words.  I look forward to seeing you on the road!  G

Garland, we look forward to seeing you live soon too!