Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals star continues to ascend in 2011. I first learned about them when my son and I attended Relix Magazine’s Jammy Awards event  in 2006 at the Theater at Madison Square Garden where Grace Potter & The Nocturnals were awarded the “Best New Groove” award.

I enjoy the latest album by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. The recording is very alive and has well written lyrics. My favorite tracks are “Paris (Ooh La La) and “Colors”.

Here they are performing “Paris (Ooh La La)” for a future (((artists den)) show for PBS.

Grace Potter has an incredible knack to sweep you along as she engages your sensibilities with the timbre and resonance of her voice. She can be gritty when it’s called for and invoke gospel that will deeply move you with “Nothing But The Water”.

I have seen Grace Potter & The Nocturnals perform live twice. Once as the opening band for Little Feat and Gov’t. Mule and once as the only act at Infinity Music Hall. Each time I was taken by the band’s raw enthusiasm and sense of fun.

This photograph is copyright of photojournalist Nanci Nutile-McMenemy. Nanci has a great collection of live concert photographs and other photography subjects at her Web site here.

If you see Grace Potter and The Nocturnals listed live near you go see them play. You’ll be rewarded by their great energy as they connect wonderfully with their audiences. Their enthusiasm is infectious, catch it!


Jimmy Webb’s Welcome Resurgence

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I have long admired Jimmy Webb as a singer and song writer. You know his songs well. They live in your heart and blossom like flowers whenever you require them. He has written such masterpieces as By The Time I Get To Phonenix, Wichita Lineman, Galveston, Up, Up and Away, MacArthur’s Park, Didn’t We and All I Know.

We recently saw Jimmy Webb perform at Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk, CT. It was a delightful evening of songs played on the piano, accompanied by the personal remembrances of Mr. Jimmy Webb. He shared his memories openly about such friends as The Outlaws (Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash,Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings) which preceded the song, Highwayman. Jimmy Webb is a very accomplished piano player, which adds a powerful dimension to his on-stage presence. He made Infinity Music Hall feel like his living room. He was very taken with the venue, which always has an engaging ambiance. His stories charmed us as he spoke with warmth and great aplomb about Harry Nilsson, Frank Sinatra and our personal favorite friendship, Richard Harris.

You can hear some of those stories on Jimmy Webb’s recording, Live and at Large.

After an energetic and soulful two hour concert, Jimmy Webb met with his fans in the lobby, signing autographs and posing for pictures. He told me he really liked Santana, which made me smile 🙂

Jimmy Webb has released a new collaboration recording Just Across The River last week. It was recorded over a two day interval in Nashville. The collaborations with esteemed friends includes Billy Joel (Wichita Lineman), Jackson Browne (P.F. Sloan), All I Know (Linda Rondstadt), If You See Me Getting Smaller (Willie Nelson), Galveston (Lucinda Williams), and By The Time I Get to Phoenix (Glen Campbell) just to name a few :). The recording flows evenly as each new texture of Jimmy Webb’s musical tapestry unfolds before our sensibilities. You can learn more about this special collaboration recording, Just Across The River on Jimmy Webb’s Web site.

Its great to see the resurgence in Jimmy Webb’s musical career. He richly deserves the praise he is receiving in the press and music community for this collaborative effort, Just Across The River.

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Our favorite place to hear live music: Infinity Music Hall and Bistro

Why we love Infinity Hall!

The intimacy is wonderful. Infinity Hall was built in 1883 and Mark Twain spoke from that very stage. The architecture of the building is a cross between a Swiss chalet and a tall barn structure.

We like the fact that artists are very accessible here. We have met Stanley Jordan, Martha Davis(who was lovely to us), Dave Mason, Bill Kirchen and John Mayall. They have signed autographs for us and shared time with us as fans.

The upstairs seating on the rail is our favorite part. We can have a wonderful meal (from Infinity Bistro) and watch a concert in close proximity on the stage.

The Infinity Hall Blog

We are going there tonight to see the singer, songwriter Jimmy Webb who has written some of our most favorite songs.

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