Beer To Drink Music To ’17

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Inc. for the second year is the Official Beer of Record Store Day.


Celebrating music Dogfish  Head has crafted Beer To Drink Music To ’17, a tropical blonde ale brewed with kiwi juice and hibiscus flowers.

In addition  to the Record Store Day event, Dogfish Head is helping to sponsor and promote The Paste Sampler, a clear vinyl LP included with Paste Quarterly Spring 2017 an innovative rebirth of Paste Magazine in a large 12″ magazine format.

I got my copy yesterday as a result of an IndieGoGo crowdfund pledge I made. It is a sweet magazine to savor and read. I plan to listen to the sampler this weekend, read my new magazine and have a Beer To Drink Music To ’17 as I sit out the winter storm headed our way.

Cheers to Dogfish Head Brewery for taking a leadership role in music empowerment!


Miles Ahead Biopic Trailer

Psyche, the first trailer for the Don Cheadle film, Miles Ahead that I crowd funded on Indiegogo has been released (see link below).

Miles Ahead will premiere in NY and LA on April 1st. I can’t wait to get my reward DVD of the movie after it releases.

The movie is electric fusion. Don Cheadle you are Oscar bound!

Music by Herbie Hancock, Nuff Said.

Miles Ahead Biopic Trailer (Be sure to expand the video to full screen, after the advertisement)


ArtistShare Is Widening Its Brand with Fan Funded

I am a very active patron of the arts. I supported ArtistShare before I participated on Kickstarter, Pledge Music and Indiegogo. My fan funding experience started with Maria Schneider’s Sky Blue project in 2007. I continue to support Maria Schneider’s compositions to this day.

Eight years since I discovered ArtistShare fan funding, crowd funding has firmly established itself as the preferred model for financing projects.


It’s great to see artistShare increasing its brand. ArtistShare® – First in Fan Funding ®, Powered by Fan Funded ®. I registered with Fan Funded to learn more about the revised strategy.

I will follow up with more details my attentive readers when Fan Funded updates everyone.

Rusted Root IndieGoGo

I don’t know about you but I love to crowdfund. It affords the loyal fan who is a passionate patrons of the arts the opportunity to invest in the artist projects we believe in! Crowdfunding liberates the music for those who cherish it the most artist and fan.

Rusted Root is a very cool band. They have a great energy that surrounds them. I first saw Rusted Root twelve years ago as the opening act for Santana at the Meadows in Hartford, Ct. It was a lovely summer evening and they created a fine groove that evening for the crowd. They invited fans to stop by their merch table after their set to talk, to sign and sell their music. I regret that I didn’t venture out to meet them.

But life offers us second chances. As luck would have it I am arranging a telephone interview with Rusted Root next week. The impetus for our discussion is to learn more about the band, their music and help to promote their IndieGoGo crowdfund project.

Navigate over to the Rusted Root IndieGoGo Page and see if there is something you’d like for your collection or to help them out with so they can make that next great recording.

I am also planning to attend their set at Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport on Thursday July 31, 2014.



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Miles Ahead – Social Music

English: Miles Davis
English: Miles Davis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cover of "Miles Ahead"
Cover of Miles Ahead

For those of you who know about and for those of you I am just informing Don Cheadle, actor and producer is making his directorial début with a film entitled, Miles Ahead. It’s a movie about Miles Davis‘s silent period between 1975 to 1979. Don Cheadle also plays Miles Davis in the movie. Filming has commenced in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We have a fantastic opportunity  through crowdfunding to get in on the ground floor of this paramount film and its original soundtrack recording.

Thank you Don Cheadle for the invitation. I just made a contribution. Give this project your consideration 🙂




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