Third Man Books Announces Definitive Book About The Stooges As Told By Iggy Pop

Jack White’s publishing company, Third Man Books will release a much-anticipated book, TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of The Stooges / As Told By Iggy Pop sometime this winter.

It was a rare privilege to sit with Iggy as he downloaded the story of The Stooges. He’s an incredible storyteller with a fantastic memory and a great sense of humor, and he held nothing back. The Stooges were pioneers in sound, look, and live presentation, and along the way invented a genre-punk rock-and influenced countless others that followed. There was no precedent in rock music for what they did. They’re definitely the only group in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who started out playing an amplified Waring blender, a vacuum cleaner, spring water bottles and a 200 gallon oil drum.Jeff Gold, Author of 101 Essential Rock Records

The author team Jeff Gold, Johan Kugelberg and editor/contributor Jon Savage are among the most respected music authors and historians working today. Total Chaos will also feature contributions from Jack White, Joan Jett, Johnny Marr and Third Man’s Ben Blackwell. Now that’s what I call curation!

I can’t wait to get my hands on this essential rock book! Where is the pre-order link, Third Man Books? 😉

For The Pirate In All Of Us

Don that pirate hat, wave your sword and Grrrrrrrrrr with all your might matey.  There is a new album coming out next month for the pirate in each  of us.

Project: Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys

Record Label: ANTI

Produced: By Hal Willner

Executive Produced and Curated: By Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski

The producer, star, and director of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Release Date: February 19, 2013

Son of Rogue's Gallery

This two-CD recording compilation is a follow up to the 2006 Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys (Anti-).

It features Tom Waits, Keith Richards, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Sean Lennon, Michael Stipe, and Broken Social Scene, among others.

Give a watch and listen me hearties to the first two multimedia videos associated with the project.

Track Listing
Disc 1:

1. Leaving of Liverpool (Shane MacGowan w/Johnny Depp & Gore Verbinski)
1. Sam’s Gone Away (Robyn Hitchcock)
3. River Come Down (Beth Orton)
4. Row Bullies Row (Sean Lennon w/Jack Shit)
5. Shenandoah (Tom Waits w/Keith Richards)
6. Mr. Stormalong (Ivan Neville)
7. Asshole Rules the Navy (Iggy Pop w/A Hawk and a Hacksaw)
8. Off to Sea Once More (Macy Gray)
9. The Ol’ OG (Ed Harcourt)
10. Pirate Jenny (Shilpa Ray w/Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)
11. The Mermaid (Patti Smith & Johnny Depp)
12. Anthem for Old Souls (Chuck E. Weiss)
13. Orange Claw Hammer (Ed Pastorini)
14. Sweet and Low (The Americans)
15. Ye Mariners All (Robin Holcomb & Jessica Kenny)
16. Tom’s Gone to Hilo (Gavin Friday and Shannon McNally)
17. Bear Away (Kenny Wollesen & The Himalayas Marching Band)

Disc 2:

1. Handsome Cabin Boy (Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention)
2. Rio Grande (Michael Stipe & Courtney Love)
3. Ship in Distress (Marc Almond)
4. In Lure of the Tropics (Dr. John)
5. Rolling Down to Old Maui (Todd Rundgren)
6. Jack Tar on Shore (Dan Zanes w/Broken Social Scene)
7. Sally Racket (Sissy Bounce (Katey Red & Big Freedia) with Akron/Family)
8. Wild Goose (Broken Social Scene)
9. Flandyke Shore (Marianne Faithfull w/Kate & Anna McGarrigle)
10. The Chantey of Noah and his Ark (Old School Song) (Ricky Jay)
11. Whiskey Johnny (Michael Gira)
12. Sunshine Life for Me (Petra Haden w/Lenny Pickett)
13. Row the Boat Child (Jenni Muldaur)
14. General Taylor (Richard Thompson w/Jack Shit)
15. Marianne (Tim Robbins w/Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs)
16. Barnacle Bill the Sailor (Kembra Phaler w/Antony/Joseph Arthur/Foetus)
17. Missus McGraw (Angelica Huston w/The Weisberg Strings)
18. The Dreadnought (Iggy Pop & Elegant Too)
19. Then Said the Captain to Me (Two Poems of the Sea) (Mary Margaret O’Hara)


Record Store Day 2012 & Music That Changes The World from David Lynch Foundation Music

Yesterday I posted that Iggy Pop will be the Record Store Day 2012 Ambassador. Today I am writing about the first vinyl item I have discovered that will be sold as part of Record Store Day 2012. This year marks the 5th anniversary of Record Store Day and it will be held on Saturday April 21, 2012.

The Official Record Store Day Web site will serve as the announcement and event coordination location for all the details about this great annual event. I look forward to it every year. 2011 saw two Record Store days and that was a very cool surprise.

The only record I have seen announced (so far) for Record Store Day 2012 is the Limited Edition Music Changes The Word Vinyl Box Set from the David Lynch Foundation. It’s a fantastic cause that I intend to support and get more directly involved with. You can read more here.

Monday, February 6, 2012 – The David Lynch Foundation announced plans to release the physical version of DOWNLOAD FOR GOOD: MUSIC THAT CHANGES THE WORLD as a SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION BOX SET to celebrate Record Store Day, Saturday April 21, 2012.

Originally released in mid-July 2011 via iTunes as DOWNLOAD FOR GOOD, the MUSIC THAT CHANGES THE WORLD, SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION BOX SET is a wonderfully eclectic, star-studded vinyl music compilation benefitting the David Lynch Foundation—a non-profit educational organization founded by iconic filmmaker DAVID LYNCH. The compilation has been re-mastered for vinyl, and includes a previously unreleased bonus track from Sean Lennon’s “Ghost of the Saber Tooth Tiger,” as well as an exclusive new release from Julio Iglesias Jr. via digital download.

The MUSIC THAT CHANGES THE WORLD, SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION BOX SET boasts performances from 34 top musical artists spanning Pop, Latin, Electronic, Rock, World, Indie, Hip-hop, and Classical who have come together to express their support for the foundation and its visionary director. Artists include Donovan, Alanis Morissette, Tom Waits, Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds, Iggy Pop, Maroon 5, Neon Trees, Dave Stewart, and more.

“It is my great pleasure to announce the vinyl release of MUSIC THAT CHANGES THE WORLD on Record Store Day,” said Donovan. “As head of the Musical Wing of The David Lynch Foundation Music Label, I wish to thank all the amazing artists who have contributed. From the beginning, when The Beatles and I were writing songs to promote Maharishi’s meditation, it was always my dream to bring all the musical fraternity onto one great label to Promote True Peace. This day has arrived and now the world can know as we knew then, that Change Begins Within.”

The SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION BOX SET features a gorgeous 42-page color book with an introduction by David Lynch. The book is illustrated by Romio Shrestha, who has been called “a modern master of the Indo-Nepali-Tibetan Buddhist traditions of enlightenment art,” and New Jersey artist Davel Hamue. All songs were re-mastered for this project by Gavin Lurssen, a three-time Grammy award winner and one-time Latin Grammy award winner, whose mastering credits include the music of Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton, Alison Krauss and Robert Plant to name just a few. His Grammy’s include mastering for the soundtrack of the movie, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, and for his work on the box set accompaniment to the acclaimed PBS series, Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues. His most recent award, the Latin Grammy, was for the Best Engineered Album, Distinto by Diego Torres. Reuben Cohen is a Latin Grammy award winner whose mastering credits include the music of Bruno Mars, the Far East Movement, Snoop Dogg, Sean Kingston, Common, and Ingrid Michaelson. and Reuben Cohen from Lurssen Mastering. Cohen is a Latin Grammy award-winner who has mastered such artists as Snoop Dogg, Sean Kingston, Common, The Cranberries, Dev, Rob Zombie, and Ingrid Michaelson.

The MUSIC THAT CHANGES THE WORLD, SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION will also include a digital version of “Meditation, Creativity, Peace”, a compelling new documentary film featuring exclusive, candid footage from David Lynch’s 16-country tour around the world when he spoke to government leaders, film students, and the press during 2007 and 2008. (For additional information, and link to trailer, “Meditation Creativity Peace:”) click here.

MUSIC THAT CHANGES THE WORLD is being distributed to retail stores across in the U.S. and globally by Altavoz Distribution, a full-service distribution company committed to leveraging the sale of music and entertainment products to support good causes and make a difference. The Box Set will be available in stores as part of Record Store Day, on Saturday, April 21, 2012. Since it’s start in 2008, Record Store Day has been instrumental across the globe in bringing millions of fans to record stores on one day each year. Only 2,500 units of the Box Set will be released worldwide, makingMUSIC THAT CHANGES THE WORLD an instant collector’s item.

I’d better start saving my pennies now 😉

Iggy Pop is Record Store Day 2012 Ambassador!

Record Store Day is proud to announce the appointment of IGGY POP to the post of Record Store Day 2012 Ambassador.

Iggy Pop Record Store Day Ambassador 2012

A person should have a personality. You won’t get one dicking around on a computer. It helps to go somewhere where there are other persons. Persons who are interested in something you are. That’s how a record store or any shop that’s got some life to it should work. It’s not about selling shit. I got my name, my musical education and my personality all from working at a record store during my tender years. Small indie shops have always been a mix of theater and laboratory. In the 50’s and 60’s the teen kids used to gather after school at these places to listen free to the latest singles and see if they liked the beat. You could buy the disc you liked for 79 cents and if you were lucky meet a chick. Clerks in these places became managers, (like Brian Epstein), label heads, (Jack Holzman) and Faces on album covers (like me).

Personally I feel best in a store that, while staying small and socially relaxed, still keeps a complete variety of music types and non musical recordings on offer. I’m aware though that a lot of great places are genre-specific, like dance hall shops in Jamaica or Compas here in Little Haiti. In Europe and on the West coast the same goes on for Punk and Goth. All of this is cool and has a much bigger future than most people realize today. When the record and record store businesses began to die at the turn of the new century, they deserved it because they got too big too boring and too plastic.

As Record Store Day Ambassador for 2012 I feel like a representative from some exotic jungle full of life and death and sex and anger, called upon to wear a leopard skin and translate joy to the world of the dead. –-IGGY POP