Google Chromecast 2.0

As some of you know I am a technical instructor. Google is a constant focus of discussion in the classes I teach.

I have been very content with Google Chromecast 1.0 since 2013. It has brought an immediacy by connecting the Web dimensionality of video and cloud music to my home entertainment network.

Google announced yesterday two new Chromecast devices for home entertainment networks.  Google Chromecast 2.0 brings us a new video device and a new separate audio device solely for audio streaming. For a combined price of $70 it is a no-brainer upgrade. Now I don’t have to purchase that Sonos Wireless speaker and I get 5GHz (802.11ac Wireless) inside the Chromecast video dongle.

Google Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio

Content Discovery

There is also a new Google Chromecast App that adds a very seamless Chromecast programming experience. Watch out now Apple TV interface you’re on notice.

The Chromecast App Fast Play feature along with a 5GHz Chromecast video device speeds up loading time like you won’t believe.

You can watch the Google Chromecast App announcement here

I am excited to play with these two new Chromecast toys next week!

Miles Davis On His 88th Birthday

Forever Miles Davis
Forever Miles Davis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are students of Miles. Miles Davis, mentor would have been 88 years old this day, Monday May 26, 2014. What a true Memorial Day it is for jazz fans everywhere!


It is right and just that Miles Davis should have a street named after him in New York City on his 88th Birthday. After all he lived and created his extemporaneous genius at 312 West 77th Street. From this day forward we will know this street as Miles Davis Way.

The digital music technologist in me honored Miles legacy today by listening to various Miles Davis full album recordings in HQ via YouTube over the InterWeb.

The technology configuration I streamed Miles music through:

1. The Google Chromecast* USB attached to the back of a Sony HDTV 61″ LCD display. The television screen displayed the various covers and other images which is cool. (*Aided and abetted by the Google Chrome Browser extension on a MacBook Pro I7 with Mac OS/X 10.9.3)

2. I also connected to Optimum Cablevision Internet via a NetGear 802.11ac Wireless Router. Chromecast was then secured over that Wireless Access Point (WAP)

3. The sound was represented by a Sony Blu-Ray Home Theater 7.1 Surround Sound system.

It sounded fantastic!


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