Let’s All Help The Master of Funk, Bernie Worrell

I was crushed to learn of Bernie Worrell‘s stage four terminal cancer condition. His contribution to music has been so meaningful and pervasive. I wish him healing remission.

It was beautiful to see fellow musicians, specifically members of Parliament-Funkadelic and the Talking Heads amongst other celebrities coming to his aid to help offset his medical costs. The benefit concert that was held at Webster Hall on Monday April 4th raised our awareness for Bernie’s plight.

David Byrne has remixed “How Does the Brain Wave,” his 2007 collaboration with Baby Elephant — the project of DJ Prince Paul and Parliament-Funkadelic keyboardist Bernie Worrell — to help raise funds for Worrell.

The former Talking Head has also tapped Jamie Lidell to remix the song, both of which are available to stream and purchase. Fans can choose how much they give for the two songs, though there is a $1.99 minimum. I went with the $10 option to help.

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David Byrne did the cover art sketch and the original artwork will be auctioned off, as well. Click here to bid

Bernie is classically trained (as well as having perfect pitch—I’ve heard him improvise with the sounds of traffic), so he brought those skills to the Afro-Futurism of the P Funk universe… a bit of keyboard cosmos into the funk chants and beats of that world that made it what it was. I learned a lot from that music, and of course from the time spent travelling and playing with Bernie—wordplay, musical attitude and lot more. He informed the musician and composer I was to become.

If you just want to make a donation—it can be made directly to the Bernie Worrell Sweet Relief fund here.

Stay strong Bernie, we love you Woo Man.

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