Mark Knopfler – 2015 Tracker Tour

The period between the end of the World Series and the start of Spring training is referred to by old-time baseball people as The Hot Stove League.

I am writing this music blog post with Winter Storm Juno perched to drop two feet or more snow on us. Music Hot Stove League thoughts turn to Spring 2015 recordings coupled with live music performances.

The artist who is helping defeat cabin fever is Mark Knopfler. I have learned that tomorrow pre-sales tickets will go on sale for his 2015 Tracker Tour.

As I listen to Mark Knopfler’s cannon of music I gain a sharp appreciation for the depth and precision of his guitar playing. Both the Dire Straits recordings as well as the Mark Knopfler solo recordings command instant respect.

Tracker is Mark Knopfler’s eighth solo recording. It will be released on March 17th, 2015 in North America by Verve Records. The album features 11 new songs inspired by a wide range of subjects including Beryl Bainbridge and Basil Bunting. The songs contain Mark’s usual wryly but accurately observed vignettes of real life wrapped up in a musical accompaniment of distinctive subtlety.

Money For Nothing – Dire Straits

I’m not sure why this song has such an incredible hook. I never tire of hearing it.

From the Brothers In Arms recording by Dire Straits, here is that compelling song, “Money For Nothing”


New Music Gifts I Am Enjoying

Cover of "Tea for the Tillerman"
Cover of Tea for the Tillerman

I want to thank my wife and my son for their gifts of music that warmly add to my ever increasing music collection.

Rosemary’s Contribution:

Remastered Audio CDs

  1. Led Zeppelin I  
  2. Led Zeppelin II
  3. Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones
  4. Dire Straits
  5. Forever Changes by Love
  6. Tea for the Tillerman by Cat Stevens

Standard Audio CDs

  1. Saturate Before Using by Jackson Browne
Matt’s Contribution:
Remastered Audio CDs
  1. Stone Flower by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Standard Audio CDs
  1. Excitable Boy by Warren Zevon
  2. How to Become Clairvoyant by Robbie Roberston
  1. Nuggets by Lenny Kaye
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