The Rascals “Once Upon A Dream” Reunion Show

My wife and I were listening to Cousin Brucie’s Saturday Rock and Roll Party on SiriusXM Satellite Radio this past Saturday night. We were blown away by the live announcement Gene Cornish made during the broadcast. The Rascals, all four original members, Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere, Gene Cornish, and Dino Danelli would be reuniting for three special concerts December 13, 14, and 15 at The Capitol Theatre in Portchester, New York. Let me tell you cousins this is fantastic concert news!

Tickets go on sale Friday I hope I can score two tickets to this event. We’d love to see The Rascals Live 🙂

Miami Steve Van Zandt announced a Kickstarter crowd-funding project for The Rascals yesterday. “Once Upon A Dream” is a combination concert/theatrical event produced and directed by Steven Van Zandt and lighting/projection wizard Marc Brickman.

I applaud what Miami Steve has done here and how it allows us Rascals fans a chance to take part and support the production. I just have to figure out what option I am going to pledge 😉

In addition to the concert experience, the history of The Rascals, and the history of the ‘60’s through their music, will be dramatized by a combination of narration, filmed scenes of actors acting out key moments in the band’s history, news footage, and archival footage of the band.

There will elements of the staging and light design never seen before just as Marc Brickman has done in his earlier groundbreaking work with Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Blue Man Group, the Olympics, and Roger Waters’ recent ‘The Wall’ tour..

When I began record collecting in 1966 my focus was to own every Rascals vinyl LP as they became available. They have been the foundation of my music collection these past 46 years.

Gene Cornish autographed their first album The Young Rascals for me a couple of years ago at a Beatles Convention in Stamford, Ct. I’d love to get the rest of the group to sign this LP 😉

Steve Katz, Danny Kalb and The Blues Project

Last week I received an invite from Steve Katz on Facebook to join The Blues Project Facebook Page. This piqued my interest as I have a gap in my knowledge to be filled when it comes to their musical legacy. I am enjoying getting back in step with this seminal band from the late 60s. It’s cool to have a founding member create a Facebook Page and share out their personal scrapbook with us.

The last time I saw Steve Katz was several years ago at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, Ct. Sikorsky held a concert on the company front lawn and Blood, Sweat and Tears/The Young Rascals (Gene Cornish, Dino Danelli) performed for us. Steve Katz drove down in his van to play and sing, “Sometime in Winter” with BS & T and then drove right home. It turns out that Steve Katz and his wife, Alison Palmer have a ceramics shop, Alison Palmer Studio in South Kent, Connecticut.

Steve is now working on his memoirs and performing solo concerts. Here is the announcement of an upcoming concert Steve Katz will be doing with Blues Project co-founding member, Danny Kalb. The event is scheduled for Friday, December 14, in Framingham, Massachusetts. Thinking strongly about attending 🙂

I plan to make it a point for my wife and I to visit, Steve Katz, the Alison Palmer Studio and the Kent arts/music scene soon. I love discovering new avenues of art and music in my Connecticut backyard 😉

Blood, Sweat & Tears (1968)
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