Oh Happy Day! Spotify and The Echo Nest Become One

Spotify made a friendly, strategic acquisition of their long time music intelligence metabase partner, The Echo Nest. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic to see these two music platform technology companies working more harmoniously to further their common music vision.

The collective intelligence of The EchoNest combined with the discovery of Spotify looms significant for music listeners, record companies, and artists. TechCrunch sees this partnership as creating a “Facebook Connect for Music”. This will be accomplished with The Echo Nest API remaining in place and continuing to serve the need of developers and music companies who use it such as XBox Music, rdio, MOG (BeatsMusic) to name just a few.

Spotify seeks to be the music identity provider across the web and mobile the way Facebook has become a social identity provider.

Spotify and The Echo Nest have a long, mutually beneficial history together. Back in March 2012, the two integrated their APIs so that any Spotify app developer could tap into The Echo Nest’s music intelligence technology. In March 2013, Microsoft, Spotify, and The Echo Nest joined forces to create Mixshape, a visual tool that automatically sorts playlists based on the properties and moods of individual songs.

What excites me the most about this closer development synergy is how Spotify will evolve and ratchet up another layer or two. Music hacking thrives with increased dimensionality now that Spotify and The Echo Nest are one entity.

Jim Lucchese says The Echo Nest and Spotify both have “music hacker cultures. We move quickly. Our goal is to start pushing things that will have a real impact on the [Spotify] user experience as soon as possible. I think probably in the next three months you’ll start seeing things in Spotify based on what we did here today that will have a big impact on music fans.”

Improvements to Spotify’s radio algorithm, discovery suggestions, and more could come even sooner, Daniel Ek says. “I expect to see things that touch consumers really, really fast. You’ll start noticing improvements pretty much instantly.”

I expect further analysis and commentary as the industry processes this announcement. Man do I love this deal and what it will bring us all.

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Spotify Continues to Kick Butt and Take Names

Spotify announced two new features the Discover and Follow Tabs (and more) today that continue to separate them from their competition.

For a look at the screen shots of the next version of Spotify look here. I urge you to browse the evolver.fm Website to view the most comprehensive coverage about Spotify’s announcement in New York City today.

Watch this video about these soon to be available Spotify features (early 2013…)

Oh and Spotify Just Got Louder as Lars Ulrich from Metallica showed up to let Sean Parker know there were no hard feelings over Napster 😉

Happy Birthday Spotify


Spotify Logo
Spotify Logo (Photo credit: Dekuwa)


It has been a rewarding and incredible year as a U.S. Spotify Day One subscriber. Spotify is my daily listening source for music. When I get ready to leave my garage everyday for the daily commute, I choose the Spotify App, plug into the music I want to hear and it comes to me through my car audio system.


I want to especially congratulate Daniel Ek, the Spotify team and the Spotify App business partners. Spotify the music platform is ingenious.


I have a great deal of admiration for the technical co-operation between Spotify and The Echo Nest. Spotify in the Cloud is a beautiful thing.


I urge Spotify to partner with Neil Young‘s High Resolution Audio Player when that technology becomes available.


Keep on rocking me, Spotify. I’m your biggest fan 😉




Daniel Ek, CEO at Spotify – Leading disruption to forge the music ecosystem

Daniel Ek’s knowing smile graces the cover of Forbes Magazine, January 16th issue. At 28 years of age he is the most important man in music now. He is CEO and co-founder of Spotify, the Web music ecosystem. Spotify is radically altering how we interact with music in the cloud. It’s a disruption whose time is a necessity. Spotify is the salvation for the music industry against Internet music piracy.

Daniel Ek On The Cover Of Forbes

I couldn’t be happier with Spotify’s achievements on our behalf. I have sung the praises of Spotify ever since their Web music service hit our shores. I am proud to say I became a day one US Spotify premium member on July 14, 2011 🙂

Spotify continues to amaze me as it becomes the intersection of music and technology in the Web. It is a prime example of a well executed Web 3.0 Semantic application. I am especially keen on how Spotify the music platform interacts with the aggregate sum total of music intelligence that is the echo nest. Spotify Radio is the vehicle that leverages the direct  API interaction with the echo nest API of 30 million songs (5 billion data points.) Now that’s what I call a music cloud 😉

Spotify Apps

Spotify continues to lead and innovate the music-streaming experience. I am very impressed by Spotify’s Phase II strategy.

Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO states, “We’ve arrived at a crucial moment when we have both scale and momentum, and we’re getting people used to the idea again that music is worth paying for.”

The next phase of Spotify is Spotify Apps. App Finder is a dashboard that lets us lean back and sift through results of music trends in the form of rich playlists. Prominent music publications, services and blogs like Rolling Stone Magazine, Billboard, Last.fm, and Pitchfork supply interpretive analytic data to us in digestible, usable form.


I especially like how nimble the HTML 5 Apps are for my use. They are definitely designed with future interactions in mind. Spotify understands the intelligence and sophistication of its hard-core subscribers. Spotify is acting as the conduit to further the relationship between rich music information sources and the ever attentive listening public.

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Facebook Music Launches with Spotify! Yessssssssssssssssssss

Today, September the 22nd, is a big day for everyone who loves music.

I second that emotion with the music of our heart! Media share away 🙂