Everyday Robots – Damon Albarn

The man has my attention. The title track video on Damon Albarn’s new solo album that drops on April 29th!

We are everyday robots on our phones,
In the process of getting home.
Looking like standing stones,
Out there on our own.

We’re everyday robots in control,
In the process of being sold.
Driving in adjacent cars,
‘Til we press ‘restart.’

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BritPop Progenitor – Damon Albarn

I have read at Wired Magazine, NPR Music and Stereogum about the 20th Anniversary of BritPop.

BritPop is a subgenre of alternative rock that originated in the United Kingdom. It emerged from the British independent music scene of the early 1990s and was characterised by bands influenced by British guitar pop music of the 1960s and 1970s. The movement developed as a reaction against various musical and cultural trends in the late 1980s and early 1990s, particularly the grunge phenomenon from the United States. In the wake of the musical invasion into the United Kingdom of American grunge bands, new British groups such as Suede and Blur launched the movement by positioning themselves as opposing musical forces, referencing British guitar music of the past and writing about uniquely British topics and concerns. – wikipedia

So tomorrow, Friday is the 20th anniversary of the classic Britpop album: Blur’s Parklife.


Blur serves as the connector for this blog post. The Blur lead singer and keyboardist was Damon Albarn. As you probably aware Damon Albarn founded Gorillaz. Now I totally get that the evolution of the Gorillaz sound was built on BritPop, cool 😉

Everyday Robots is Damon Alban’s most soul-searching and autobiographical album to date, produced by Richard Russell (XL Recordings) and featuring guest appearances from Brian Eno and Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes.



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