Soupstock Music & Arts Festival 2015 – Shelton, CT

Today the 2015 music lineup for the annual  Soupstock Music & Arts Festival to be held in Shelton, CT at Veterans Memorial Park June 20/21 was announced.

Looking forward to the first of several area summer music festivals and for the snow to melt away…



Pink Floyd In Concert 1973 – The Dark Side of the Moon Tour

Bootleg concert t-shirt logo, now sold as official Pink Floyd merchandise

One of the most historic concerts I have seen over the decades was the original Pink Floyd performing Dark Side of the Moon on tour. The date for that concert was March 18th, 1973. The venue was the Palace Theater in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Dark Side of the Moon was released on March 17, 1973. The album gathered momentum quickly but was not yet being played in its entirety on progressive FM radio stations. The song “Money” was an immediate hit and the crowd that night cheered loudly when it was performed.

We were fortunate to catch Pink Floyd before the updraft of chart success took them to the next level of fame in rock and roll. They were soon playing arenas and stadiums versus lesser sized concert halls like the Palace Theater where we saw them play (2,500+ seats) It was a mere two weeks later on April 1st, 1973 that Dark Side of the Moon reached No. 1 on  It then remained in the charts for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988. It is estimated that 50 million copies have been sold. It is Pink Floyd’s most commercially successful album and one of the best-selling albums worldwide.

File:Dark Side of the Moon.png

I have several specific memories of that night. The first memory is that the event was over sold. We had real numbered seat balcony tickets but Koplik & Finkel who booked this event sold way too many tickets. We ended up sitting on the carpeted stairs in the balcony. It was a definite fire code violation situation. We did end up with a great line of sight to see the band.


My second memory was that they played my favorite Pink Floyd song, “Echoes” from Meddle. I love how that song builds to a crescendo force. They used a light display behind them that gave the impression of a darkened sun as it rose in the sky as they played. I always found “Echoes” powerful in its presentation. I became enraptured with the opus when I first saw Pink Floyd on the silver screen in Live at Pompeii.

My third memory was when they performed “Great Gig In the Sky“, the female singers stood in the opera boxes on the sides of the theater and spotlights reflected on their flowing white dresses. That section of the performance reverberates strongly in me even now, 39+ years later.

The Dark Side of the Moon Tour

Set List

  1. Encore:

I am thankful that I had the insight to buy tickets to this concert at the Nimbus Water Bed Shop in New Haven, as they were a concert ticket outlet in those days. It was a historic event that my wife and I were able to witness live. 🙂

Instant Karma Released 41 Years Ago Today

Instant Karma!
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I subscribe to the Moonalice legend on Facebook and today’s posting caught my eye.

According to Moonalice legend, John Lennon released the classic “Instant Karma” in the UK 41 years ago today. It ranks as one of the fastest-released songs in pop music history, recorded the same day it was written, and arriving in stores only 10 days later. John remarked to the press, he “wrote it for breakfast, recorded it for lunch, and we’re putting it out for dinner.”

We would call that a viral music release in today’s world of the Web. When  I hear or read about “Instant Karma”  I always associate with my first college radio station show on WNHU-FM 88.7 in West Haven, Ct. It was 1973 and I was attending The University of New Haven, where I majored in business and minored in music. My goal when I graduated Brien McMahon High School in 1969 was to be a radio personality. I went right from high school to Career Academy Broadcasting School in New York City.  I commuted on the New Haven Railroad from Norwalk, Ct. to Grand Central Terminal for four months. It was an exciting time in my life moving through the hustle and bustle to my school at 8 West 40th Street, which overlooked the New York Public Library and Bryant Park.

I was an inaugural year afternoon FM disk jockey on WNHU-FM. My radio show was entitled, “Instant Karma”. I would begin my Tuesday/Thursday 2-5 p.m. show with the 45 r.p.m. Apple Records single by John Lennon.

That was against the grain of the radio programming I had been taught because “Instant Karma” was a rock and roll vocal.  You were supposed to use an instrumental to begin and end a radio show. I am a non-conformist what can I say 😉

“Instant Karma” by John Lennon, Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band never gets tired or old.

We all shine on, Love You John and Yoko