Music Journalism A-Z – Jenny Eliscu

Jenny Eliscu

I am taking a sharp 90 degree turn with the music journalism A-Z series. Today’s music blog post is about Jenny Eliscu. I want to recognize Jenny Eliscu’s integrated music journalism/broadcasting skills which she exercises with natural aplomb.

1) She is a contributing editor and music critic at Rolling Stone Magazine. Jenny had a recurring role in the MTV reality television show I’m From Rolling Stone. This limited run (10 episodes) highlighted six aspiring music journalists who were given summer internships in the hopes of earning a contributing editor place at Rolling Stone Magazine.

2) Jenny Eliscu authored and delivered an authoritative college music career guide. The information this RS publication has is highly valuable and complementary to Rolling Stone Magazine’s publishing mission. The guide is well-researched, highly factual and concise. It is an eight year old book that could stand a refresh due to the music industry changes as we move to cloud music (Beats, Spotify, etc.). Many academic music programs are attempting to keep pace with the speed of digital sound.

Schools That Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide

3) Jenny Eliscu also hosts a show on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 35: Sirius XMU, The Spectrum with Jenny Eliscu She’s been indulging her obsession with new music on-air at Sirius XM since 2006.

Find her on Twitter @jennylsq

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